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Sara Carter, a Fox News contributor, and investigative reporter, is no stranger to conflict and deadly catastrophes. Front-line coverage of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as reporting on other crucial topics like national security, terrorism, and immigration, are all on the journalist’s portfolio.

As a result, the writer has seen innumerable lives impacted by warfare, some more so than others, but all of them heartbreaking. Among these catastrophes, her husband Marty Bailey was injured and lost his sight during combat in Afghanistan, which has devastated her emotionally.

Carter made her Husband’s accident public by mocking Pete Davidson’s infamous joke

The circumstances of Bailey’s blindness were made public in November 2018 when Carter published an article titled The Five Simple Words that SNL and Pete Davidson Should Learn to Say on Twitter, which she shared with her 1.4 million followers. The Fox News host chastised comedian Davidson and Saturday Night Live for insulting then-Congressman Dan Crenshaw for wearing an eye patch. To be more specific, Davidson said that Crenshaw resembled a “porno hitman.”

In the same post, the reporter revealed that her husband was wounded in both eyes by a grenade blast while serving in Afghanistan on Easter Sunday in 2011. Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL officer, experienced a similar occurrence while serving in Afghanistan, which is why he wears the eye patch.

Bailey survived three craniotomies (brain surgeries) and rehabilitation, but he is permanently blind in both eyes

Despite her outraged words asking that Davidson and SNL show more respect for veterans, the journalist sympathizes with her husband’s sufferings, claiming that he never complained about the catastrophe and that she never heard him scream “why me?” The veteran, on the other hand, broke down when he realized he would never see his wife or children’s faces again.

The only time I ever saw him cry was when he realized he’d never see his children’s faces again–or mine, for that matter. He understood he wouldn’t be able to join his son in baseball. He’d be unable to operate his motorcycle. It was at that point that he accepted the truth that he would most likely never see her again.

The five phrases Davidson and his show workers should learn to say are “Thank you for your service,” Carter concluded in her piece.

Bailey attempted to summit Denali with the help of another blind veteran

Even though Bailey’s career in the US Special Forces was cut short due to his loss of vision, he continues to strive to make a difference.

The blind soldier was training to climb Mt. Denali—North America’s highest mountain peak—in January 2014, just three years after his near-fatal accident in Afghanistan. His goal was to raise awareness of technology for blindness. Marty was accompanied by retired US Army Major Scott Smiley, who is also blind. Even though both were accompanied by two sighted individuals, it is still a remarkable achievement considering that many people would fail to complete the climb even if they were not disabled.

Carter declared Marty to be the most wonderful person she had ever encountered, inspired by her husband’s determination to overcome his condition.

It is easy for me to gush about my husband. When I say he’s one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met, I’m not exaggerating. As a reporter, I’ve met a lot of intriguing people, but I’ve never encountered someone who has the conviction and desire to live life to the fullest like my spouse.

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He is now a supporter of wounded and disabled troops

Bailey told Fox News at a Yankees game in August 2019 honoring wounded US veterans that the recovery process is difficult for troops, but it is even more difficult for their families, who “truly go through hell.”

When you’re hurt, you’re just hurt. You’re just another guy with a problem, whether it’s an arm, a leg, or your eyesight. It is the families that must bear the brunt of it. They are the unsung heroes of the story.

Currently, the veteran works for the US State Department, where he assists injured warriors like himself. He also volunteers with the Task Force Dagger Foundation, which aids wounded, ill, or injured troops of the US Special Operations Command and their families.

Aside from that, Bailey has formed Blind Strength with The Presidio Group. This non-profit aims to raise awareness of bio-retina implant research conducted by organizations such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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