Both YouTubers and TikTokers have been generating headlines left, right, and center as the “Battle of the Platforms” approaches. The 21-year-old Bryce Hall and the seven-year-older McBroom are garnering extra media attention as the headliners.

Especially considering Hall has previously informed his fans about the situation. Hall stated to TMZSports that he will be buying his mother a new house immediately following the fight, adding that knockout was his mother’s house. The fact that he didn’t use a “if” in that phrase says a lot about his self-assurance.

Hall is preparing for the big day

Hall was recently featured on TMZSports’ YouTube channel, and he was ecstatic about the fight! The TikToker and now-fighter confirmed that his fight will take place on June 12, 2021, and that he will be paid $5 million for simply entering the ring.

Hall, as laid-back as he appeared on the outlet’s coverage, isn’t messing around with his match. He demonstrated some of his techniques and training in a recent TikTok post. During the hard exercise, the dashing hunk worked on his hand movements and tempo.

It’s not only the $5 million that’s at stake

Hall is making a lot of money for the highly anticipated match-up. He disclosed in yet another TikTok video, this one by No Jumper Podcast, that he’d be getting 4% of the pay-per-view sales as well as the five million dollars for the match with a million-dollar knockout bonus.

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The host of the No Jumper Podcast, Adam Grandmaison, also asked Hall if he was concerned about the match. To which TikToker confidently replied:

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What about Austin McBroom?

The fight, which was originally scheduled for June 5, has been rescheduled for June 12, but the feud dates back to 2020. As early as December 2020, YouTuber McBroom began calling out influencers in the hopes of provoking a battle.

He originally wanted to fight Logan Paul, but he later changed his mind and focused solely on Hall. Hall even made his interaction with the aforementioned YouTuber public through Twitter on March 10. But you keep running…you’re all Twitter fingers, you want to fight randoms in public but are too afraid to fight me for millions, McBroom said.

Hall would only agree to a deal if he was paid significantly more than McBroom. He also demanded a $1.5 million no-questions-asked bonus. The game has begun now that both warriors have named and agreed to each other’s terms!

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By Meera