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When it came to finding love, openly gay YouTuber Garett Watts did not allow his sexuality to be a barrier. The YouTuber is interested in relationships and has pondered on marrying his boyfriend.

The Youtube star is well recognized for his humorous content on both vine and Youtube. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He has a self-titled Youtube channel with more than $2 million subscribers as of 2018.

Garett, 29, is a proud gay man who is grateful to be in a generation where sexual minorities are no longer regarded as taboo. Garett is particularly fond of computer scientist Alan Turing, a gay man who played a key role at the end of World War II.

Bio of Garett Watts: Height, Hobbies, and Sexual Orientation

Garett Watts was born on June 16, 1989, and stands 6 feet 4 inches tall (193 cm). His family also has a sibling, Andrew, with whom he enjoys spending time. He went to Arizona for high school and community college and now lives in Los Angeles, California.

When he’s at home, the self-described clumsy Youtuber wears a hat because he frequently bumps his head on stuff. He believes that his height, along with his clumsiness, necessitates the wearing of a hat at home.

The down-to-earth Youtube sensation hasn’t let his celebrity or the massive amount of subscribers to his channel get to him. He’s a friendly person who says his favorite part of Youtube is interacting with his fans. He’s also a passionate Harry Potter enthusiast who is open about his sexuality.

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He has a sizable net worth

Garrett began his Youtube career in 2012 when he was only 22 years old. He began by uploading videos about weird facts and life hacks, then progressed to nerdy videos, gaming, and movies.

Before Youtube, he spent the entire year of 2011 as a casting coordinator at Nigel Lythgoe Productions. In addition, he has appeared in comedies such as Girls Will Be Girls 2012 (2012), Space Station 76 (2014), and Shane (2017).

Garett’s net worth is in the thousands, with over $2 million subscribers on Youtube. He makes between $1.5K and $23.7K each month, according to Socialblade. His Youtube channel earns him between $17.8K and $284.3K every year.

In addition to his numerous accomplishments, he has a sizable net worth, as seen by the magnificent home he recently purchased.

Garett Watts is dating another man

Garett, a gay YouTuber, has been in a long-term relationship with Shane Dawson, a gay YouTuber, and the two have cooperated on many videos on each other’s channels after meeting on Tinder.

Garett’super liked’ Shane after checking his profile. Shane, on the other hand, took some time to answer while looking through some of his photos. Shane witnessed Garett handing a little girl a smoke, sporting a banana outfit, and many more amusing shots in those photos.

But it was the photograph of Garett gazing off into the sunset that convinced Shane that he was his soulmate, despite Shane’s misgivings. ‘It appeared like you were attempting to murder yourself,’ he stated in a collab video. That’s when he realized Garett was the one for him.

In recent years, the high-pitched witty duo has been going strong. Garett and his boyfriend both express their affection for one another on social media and can’t imagine a day without the other.

Garett showed Shane a lot of love in a sweet post on his birthday, July 19, 2018, wishing him a happy birthday. For many of their followers, homosexual and straight, their perfect connection has become a relationship goal.

With the couple at ease with each other and eager to spend time together, it appears that it is only a matter of time before they take their relationship to new heights.

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