For Cuba Gooding Jr.’s family, today is a difficult day. Cuba Gooding Sr., the actor’s father, passed away on Thursday. His four children, as well as his wife Shirley Gooding, survive him.

Cuba Gooding Sr., the father of the honorable actor Cuba Gooding Jr., passed away on Thursday (April 20). He was discovered dead in his automobile, according to sources. He leaves behind his wife, children, and grandchildren. The father of the Oscar winner had a successful career in entertainment. The whole Gooding family, including Shirley Gooding, the wife of Cuba Gooding Sr., worked in the entertainment industry. Here is all the information you require about Shirley Gooding.

Finding Their Origins

Caribbean heritage is what gives Cuba Gooding Jr. In a piece for the San Diego County Times, Cuba Gooding Jr. stated, “My father’s father was born in Barbados, but he was born a different type of slave. He reminded me of Roots’ “Chicken George.” He ran his own plantation and was in control of the slaves. Every day, he wore a top hat. His name was William Gooding. Dudley Gooding, the father of the older Cuba, was one of William Gooding’s eight children.

What about his mother, you ask? Shirley Gooding is from an African-American family. Her origins and if her life was as fascinating as Dudley Gooding’s, who refused to serve the British Crown, fled Barbados, and assisted in the construction of the Panama Canal, are unknown.

Both of them were singers

Cuba In the 1970s, Gooding Sr. was a well-known soul singer. He was the lead vocalist for the soul and R&B combo The Main Ingredient, which also included Luther Simmons, Jr. and Tony “Panama” Silvester. The songs “Everybody Plays the Fool” (1972) and “Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely” made the group most well-known (1974). With Motown Records, Gooding also had a brief solo career.

Shirley Temple Sullivan, a singer with the band The Sweethearts, and Gooding first crossed paths in 1964. For Jackie Wilson’s concert, “Mr Excitement,” The Sweethearts served as the opening act. The two singers fell in love and got married in 1966. The following year, they had their first child.

Lighting anew Its Love

Cuba Sr. and Shirley were married twice. They got divorced in 1974 after getting married in 1966. Since the tabloids had a limited audience, it is unknown why they broke up. However, they struggled with money issues, which could have also affected their marriage. Gooding was having financial difficulties prior to being discovered by The Main Ingredient to replace a deceased member.

When Shirley was expecting Cuba Jr., he reportedly accepted a job offer to drive the getaway car in a couple robberies. However, he was apprehended by the authorities and given a four-year prison term. His good behavior in 1970 allowed him to graduate early. Soon later, they parted ways. But the two couldn’t stay apart indefinitely. They remarried in 1995 and remained married to one another up to Gooding’s passing on Thursday.

There are Four Kids There

Shirley and Cuba have four kids together. Their eldest child, April, is an actress who, to mention a few, has been in films like Like Mike (2002), Life of a King (2013), and In Appropriate Comedy (2013).

Tommy Gooding is a musician who followed in his parents’ musical footsteps. Omar Gooding, who is the youngest, is best known by his stage moniker, Big O. He is a comedian, voice actor, rapper, and actor. And we all remember Cuba Gooding Jr., the well-known actor best recognized for roles in films like Jerry Maguire, for which he received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

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Losing Her Husband

On Thursday afternoon in Woodland Hills, California, authorities discovered Gooding Sr. slouched over in his silver Jaguar. When the fire crew arrived on the scene, they tried unsuccessfully to do CPR to bring him back to life. At 72 years old, he was. Although his cause of death has not been officially determined, investigators think drugs played a role in it. The car had both alcohol and narcotics. His death is still under investigation, and no other information has been provided.

The tragic passing of Gooding Sr. occurs just after his younger namesake just talked about him in an interview. One of my earliest recollections is of him performing at Disneyland. After his shows, the park would be closed to the general public, allowing all the artists’ children to ride the rides as many as they pleased. Because I had seen him play so frequently, he would drag me up on stage with him and force me to finish the song. There was a lot of “I came from royalty” feeling. said Cuba Gooding Jr.

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