A live-action Batman Beyond picture could take years to develop; it could be as late as 2024/25 before we see a live-action Batman Beyond feature.

We previously discussed how the upcoming film The Flash could pave the way for a live-action Batman Beyond project after 68-year-old Michael Keaton was said to be in talks to play Batman in the upcoming Flash film.

Terry McGinnis, a young Batman struggling with work-life balance while being mentored by a seventy-year-old Bruce Wayne, was the protagonist of Batman Beyond (1999–2001), a futuristic animated series that told the story of Terry McGinnis, a young Batman struggling with work-life balance while being mentored by a seventy-year-old Bruce Wayne.

In his frail state, the latter built and donned the ultimate bat-suit as the first Batman, but he is no longer able to fight crime.

Terry utilizes the outfit to avenge his father’s death at first. But, realizing his promise, Wayne takes him under his wing and trains him, resulting in the birth of a new Batman.

Terry is a new Batman who is still learning the ropes. He discovered Batman’s outfit in a Batcave when he was only 16 years old. Terry is typically irritable and stubborn because he became Batman at a younger age than Bruce. His mentor has a calm demeanor, but he lacks it. He struggles in his everyday life while still balancing his crime-fighting career.

Actors Who Might Appear Terry McGinnis Actors portraying Terry in a prospective ‘Batman Beyond’ Project will need to show off their young energy. When Terry recognizes the gravity of his situation, the actor should be able to convey a sense of maturity.

So, here’s a list of the top 5 Warner Bros. movies to look out for.

Tye Sheridan

Sheridan has proven that he can direct a big-budget production while still holding his own against bigger talents.

The actor will be 28 years old by the time a Batman Beyond project is anticipated to be released. This, however, will not be a problem because older actors have previously played younger parts. But Sheridan’s expertise playing not only a youthful superhero but also emotionally distraught or disconnected individuals who could make a comeback in life makes him a good fit for Terry.

In Xmen: Apocalypse (2016) and Dark Phoenix (2017), he played a young Scott Summers/Cyclops (2019). His portrayal of the teenage X-Men captain would put him on Steven Spielberg’s radar for Ready Player One (2018).

Wade Watts, an 18-year-old loner who spends the most of his time immersed in the virtual game OASIS with no bigger goal in life, was played by Sheridan in Ready Player One.
Watts develops into a mature and level-headed character as the novel progresses. He eventually takes home the game’s multibillion-dollar jackpot.

Ellis in Mud was Sheridan’s breakthrough performance (2012). Despite international star Matthew McConaughey playing the titular role, Tye was able to shoulder the emotional weight of the film as one of the major teenage protagonists. Following his critically lauded performance in the film, he went on to feature alongside Nicholas Cage in another indie success, Joe (2013). Tye portrayed a troubled adolescent from a dysfunctional family in Joe. His machismo and naivete were just ideal for his persona.

Tyler Posey

28-year-old Tyler Posey has been acting since the age of eight. Men of Honour (2000), Collateral Damage (2002), and Maid in Manhattan helped him gain recognition (2002). Scott McCall, a character in the MTV series Teen Wolf, was his breakout role (2011-2017). Posey is transformed into a supernatural werewolf being after getting bitten by a werewolf in the series.
McCall fights to keep his werewolf status hidden while protecting his friends and family from unknown supernatural threats as a teen werewolf.

Posey is now 28 years old, but the character of Terry McGinnis would allow him to harness the same adolescent angst he had on Teen Wolf.

Ryan Potter

Potter, like Sheridan, has a history with superheroes and supernatural roles. He is most known for his role as Garfield Logan in DC Universe’s Titans (2018). (Beast Boy). His other superhero role was as Hiro Hamada, the primary protagonist in the Disney animated film Big Hero 6. (2014). The film was based on the same-named Marvel comic book series.

Potter is also a self-described DC fanatic who spent a lot of time advocating for Robin’s inclusion in the DCEU. He recorded himself practicing martial arts skills while using Robin’s signature bo staff. Potter even thanked Ben Affleck for casting him as Robin in his then-upcoming Batman flick near the end of the video.

Robin, on the other hand, was never supposed to feature in any DCEU movie at the time. Potter’s dedication paid off, and he was cast as Beast Boy in the Titans series.

The actor is currently 24 years old.

Dylan Minnette

Minnette is a 23-year-old actor who is more versatile than his contemporaries. Minnette, unlike his previous three competitors, does not have any heroic experience. However, he has received critical recognition for his roles in films including Prisoners (2013), Don’t Breathe (2016), The Open House (2018), and the Netflix hit series 13 Reasons Why (2017).

When it comes to landing the job of Terry McGinnis, Minnette’s eyes are one of his most valuable attributes. Terry’s eyes have a haunted aspect to them, which helps to personify the teenage anguish he experiences as both Batman and a high-school student.

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Timothee Chalamet

Timothee Chalamet, if there’s anyone on this list who can compete with him, it’s him. Chalamet is swiftly establishing himself as a rising young star in Hollywood, with some comparing his career to that of Leonardo Di Caprio.

Chalamet, like Di Caprio, has landed all of the appropriate parts. In his breakthrough performance in Call Me By Your Name, he played Ellio Perlman (2017). He was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as a 17-year-old LGBT student in the film.

Fans and journalists alike praised Chalamet’s performances in Hot Summer Nights (2017), Lady Bird (2017), and Little Women (2019). The actor will next be seen in Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune (2020) as Paul Atreides, the primary protagonist. Along with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, the film is expected to become one of the next blockbuster sci-fi films (2020).

If Chalamet continues on his current path, he will very surely win an Oscar far before his time. The actor is 24 years old, and if a live-action Batman Beyond project is released in four years, he will be around 28.

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