When you’re in a relationship with a well-known person, you automatically become well-known.

Following her romance with renowned model Tyson Beckford, former model Bernice Julien has increased her notoriety. The greater her notoriety grows, the more others want to know about her. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what Berniece’s personal life has to offer.

Berniece and Tyson Beckford are happily married

When it comes to being in a relationship with renowned people, Berniece has a hot streak. After marrying the very hot Ralph Lauren Polo Model and actor Tyson in 2009, the former model crushed the hearts of millions.

The picture-perfect couple married in secret among close friends and family, avoiding media scrutiny of their personal life. Before and after their marriage, they were able to maintain a low-key relationship.

As a result, the pair has been dogged by rumors, the most popular of which is that they are divorcing.

Although rumors of their divorce continue to circulate, no official news has been released. Leaving rumors aside, Berniece and Tyson Beckford, who have yet to have their own kid, are enjoying a lavish lifestyle together.

Berniece Julien’s net worth

Berniece rose to prominence following her marriage to Tyson Beckford.

She’s never really said anything about her personal and professional life other than being a Ralph Lauren model, as far as I recall. As a result, specific figures for her net worth are still unknown.
As Tyson’s wife, she has no trouble covering all of her costs; she has been benefiting from Tyson’s astronomical net worth of $16 million.

The Rochdale native, who celebrates his birthday on December 19th, was born in Rochester, New York in 1970 and has maintained his status as one of the top models since his debut. Tyson appears to be of black ethnicity in his photographs, although he is not. Because he was born to Lloyd Beckford, an Afro-American father of Panamanian heritage, and Hillary Dixon Hall, a Chinese Jamaican descent, he is of mixed ethnicity.

He and Berniece have complimented one other’s heights, since she stands practically parallel to his 6 foot height.

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Berniece’s Bio

Berniece’s bio; her personal life is one of the most googled topics in recent years. Despite the constant swirl of intrigue surrounding her, the former Ralph Lauren model stays tight-lipped on the subject.

Berniece was born and raised in the United Kingdom, despite the fact that she is effectively leading an unforthcoming life with her husband Tyson Beckford.

Furthermore, it appears that nothing can be learned about her until she decides to speak up. So please be patient; we’ll keep you informed!

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By Meera