The death of their eldest daughter changed the lives of American Survivor and reality star Heimo Korth and his wife. The couple’s other daughters, on the other hand, were sent away in the hopes of avoiding what happened to their sister!

The Wisconsin native gained to popularity as a result of author James Campbell’s book The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His Family, Alone in Alaska’s Arctic Wilderness, which was published in 2004. The Last Alaskans, a Discovery reality show, has featured the Korth family since 2018.

Heimo and his wife Edna live in seclusion as the most segregated humans in the most isolated location in Alaska, after a life filled with tragedies and achievements.

Heimo Korth’s Brief Biography, Age

In Alaska, he meets his future wife. Heimo Korth, a 63-year-old welder from Wisconsin, was born on April 17, 1955, to Irene and Erich Korth. He left Wisconsin at the age of 19 to work as a mountain man in Alaska, and he hasn’t looked back.

While residing in an Eskimo whaling settlement on St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea, Korth met Edna there in the highlands.

Heimo Korth’s Net Worth – How much money does he have?

With the Beaufort Sea to the north and Canada’s Yukon to the east, Heimo and his wife live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Hunting, fishing, and trapping help them live in the -50°F temperatures.

Heimo has modern tools, despite the fact that their lifestyles are very similar to those of the past. The married couple has survived for almost 30 years, raising a family while doing so, with guns, radios, satellite phones, chainsaws, and gasoline-powered snow machines.

With that said, Heimo, the mountain man, and his wife have a combined net worth of more than $150,000.

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Heimo’s Stay In Refuge Was Inspired By His Firstborn Daughter’s Death!

Coleen Korth, who was two years old at the time, drowned in the river rapids while canoeing with her parents in 1984; her corpse was never located. In their grief, Heimo and Edna planted a cross for her, on which they placed flowers in memory of their late daughter.

Despite the fact that their threatening lifestyle resulted in the death of their daughter, they did not flee the horrifying location. They chose to stay in the sanctuary in order to preserve her memories close to them.

“Living A Normal Life,” Heimo Korth tells his daughters.

Coleen, Millie, Rhonda, and Krin are Heimo and Edna’s four daughters. The married couple desired for their other daughters to have a normal life among the residents after the devastating loss of their firstborn.

While little is known of their daughters’ lives, it is known that Krin, a firefighter, married a Marine stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Despite the fact that their daughters do not live with them, they make it a point to see them at least once a year for a week.

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