Steve DiSchiavi, an NYPD investigator, has always wanted to do good in the community, catch evil individuals, and help victims. As a result, after he retired from the police department and acting against living criminals became too difficult, he began working against dead criminals.

The Brooklyn native is a seasoned NYPD officer, but she is best known as the paranormal investigator on the Travel Channel show The Dead Files.

Steve, 56, is not particularly tall for an NYPD cop, being about 5 feet 8 inches tall. His biography reads like the story of a person whose thirst could never be filled no matter how much water he drank, justice in this case being the water.

Steve DiSchiavi’s bio: He wants his father, who passed away, to be proud of him

Steve DiSchiavi was born in Brooklyn, New York City, on May 1, 1964. Steve grew up in a loving household and always tried to please his parents, but his father died when he was still a teenager, so he never got to witness his son grow into a fine, accomplished man.

And Steve did grow up to become not only a successful man but also a wonderful human being, and if his father had lived, he would have been quite proud of him.

Steve worked for the New York Police Department for 21 years, serving the city where he was born

Steve joined the New York Police Department because he wanted to help solve societal problems, curb crime, and bring justice to the victims, who were suffering from the trauma. He was quickly promoted to Detective because to his skills, abilities, and most importantly, empathy for others.

Steve worked as a detective for 21 years, preferring to work the cases over advancing through the ranks to more supervisory positions. Steve served the city of New York with all the passion and courage he could summon throughout those 21 years.

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After his retirement, Steve continued to serve

Steve teamed up with a paranormal psychologist and a physical medium, Amy Allan, to work on paranormal cases for the Travel Channel’s paranormal show, The Dead Files, since his need for justice had not been satisfied and would never be satisfied as long as injustice existed in society.

Katrina Weidman is a fascinating woman. Are you getting married? For The Dead Files, Steve utilizes his detective skills and Amy’s ability to sense and communicate with spirits to figure out what’s wrong and how to help families that are experiencing paranormal activity.

His contributions to the fight against crime have not only brought him joy, but have also resulted in a sizable fortune.

Steve DiSciavi is unmarried, and his rumored wife is just a friend

While solving crimes in the outside world, Steve is occasionally a victim of petty crimes, such as distributing false information. Someone once spread false information about Steve, prompting him to respond on Instagram, denying all of the charges and disclosing a lot about his personal life.

He revealed in an Instagram post that the information circulated against him was absolutely false and inaccurate. He claimed to be a divorced man who currently resides alone in Florida. He has, however, remained tight-lipped about the reasons for his previous marriage’s demise. Steve also says that he has a daughter who works as a tax attorney right now. He then goes on to say that the woman rumored to be his new girlfriend is none other than his pal Morgan Fairchild.

But not everything is as it seems. Looking at Steve’s social media platforms, particularly his Twitter, reveals that he has a girlfriend, the identity of whom he has kept disguised. It’s only a matter of time before we see Steve all dressed up on his wedding day.

He may have rejected the lies of his married life, but it is awful that such a thing should happen to someone who has worked his entire life to ensure that such things never happen to anybody else. Regardless, Steve pushed through it and came out victorious, as he has in every previous case he has taken on. It’s what he excels at.

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