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Caleb Glass, also known as CalebCity on the internet, rose to prominence on the online video platform Vine before moving to YouTube. Since then, he has amassed a sizable fan base.

Here are some intriguing facts about the social media fame you should know.

Stardom was attained in Vine

Since he was in third grade, CalebCity had been creating skits and videos. With his camcorder, he began producing stop-animation videos with his action figures. He eventually misplaced the camcorder and decided to cease filming. These videos, on the other hand, were not meant to be shared on social media.

When one of his cousins introduced him to the platform, he became interested in constructing vines. He said in a YouTube Q&A video that he watched a few videos on the now-defunct platform and thought to himself, “I could do this!” “I’ve got some ideas!”

On March 3, 2015, he posted his first Vine video, which wasn’t the best moment to be on the platform. The video portal was shut down for corporate reasons shortly after, in late 2016. CalebCity also left the platform on January 17, 2017, with the caption “gone” on his last post.

Discovering His Way To YouTube

CalebCity’s debut video on his eponymous YouTube channel was released in April of 2016. He answered his fans’ questions in the video because discussing them on Vine would have been impossible due to the clear time limits.

In his following video, he revealed that he avoided going to YouTube since he was constantly interrupted when shooting. He moved over to YouTube and has been uploading vines there since his major creative site died away.

His YouTube channel currently has 3.99 million subscribers as of this writing. In 2020, he won a YouTube Streamy Award for Writing for the hilarious video he creates.

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What keeps him occupied

In addition to his YouTube channel, the comedian has a 1.1 million-follower Instagram account. According to Variety, he receives about one million views every YouTube video on average, for a total of over 17 million views per month, plus an extra 500,000 Instagram viewers and 100,000 Twitter views per video.

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His Instagram bio explicitly states his contact details, indicating that he is available for commercial promotions. He’s also collaborated with MetalThread to produce his merch collection.

That was a rhetorical question. Yes, it is true! Regardless, there have been a slew of famous comics. However, being signed by CC adds to any comic’s resume, and CalebCity was the star of Comedy Central’s CalebCity Week. CalebCity has certainly acquired a respectable net worth, despite the lack of an official report.

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