Christine Romans’ marriage appeared to be on the edge of disintegration as rumors about her divorce began to circulate on the internet. The Iowa native, on the other hand, said nothing about her husband’s rumored upcoming divorce.

CNN’s Chief Business Correspondent is a 47-year-old woman. Her handsome appearance and professional news anchoring quickly made her a fan favorite among the channel’s fans. She anchors CNN’s Early Start on weekdays and Your Money on weekends, in addition to working as a business correspondent.

Christine spent a year in France after graduating from Iowa University as part of a foreign student exchange program.

Outstanding career achievements result in a high salary and net worth

She formerly worked for The Des Moines Register, Reuters, and Knight-Ridder Financial News in Chicago before joining CNN.

Her show, Street Sweep on the now-defunct CNNfn, drew the attention of CNN officials, and she was employed as a network correspondent as a result. The American National began reporting for CNN in 1999, primarily from the New York Stock Exchange floor.

She won an Emmy for her work on Exporting America, a documentary about the outsourcing of American missions to other countries.

The net worth of the media personality is estimated to be around $4 million. Her contract with CNN pays her $400K per year, according to reports. Her substantial book deal and CNN salary are the main sources of her wealth.

Christine Romans on Business Reporting

Christine gave her CNN Business morning news update on December 3, 2018. She revealed that US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping had agreed to a trade truce, putting a halt to their trade war. The United States will defer raising duties on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports from 10% to 25% on January 1, 2018.

To assist lessen the trade imbalance, China pledged to buy a large amount of agriculture, energy, and other items from the US in exchange. The two countries are facing a 90-day deadline to achieve progress.

She went on to say that the Dow closed up 200 points, the S&P 500 points, and the NASDAQ both closed up one percent. It was also announced that the New York Stock Exchange would have a minute of silence on December 3 and close on December 5 in honor of former US President George HW Bush, who died on November 30, 2018 at the age of 94.

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Her European ancestors and more information about her family

The news anchor is the oldest of four children, having been born on July 31, 1971. Christine revealed her family’s history to her 34K followers on Twitter on January 11, 2018, explaining that her family migrated to the United States from Norway and landed in Iowa.

In 1996, she enrolled at Iowa University after graduating from high school. Journalism and French Literature were two of her majors. She began working for Reuters shortly after graduating. Christine’s brief tenure with Reuters paid off when she met her future husband, Ed Tobin, who also worked for the prestigious news organization. At Reuters, Ed was one of the highest-ranking news editors.

The location and date of their wedding have been a closely guarded secret, but Christine and her husband do have three lovely children. The news of their alleged divorce came as a shock to the public, as the pair appeared to be living a happy family life away from the prying eyes of paparazzi.

Christine and her husband, Ed, were reported to be getting divorced in July 2015, claiming clashing schedules and a hard career as reasons. They also stated that Christine and her husband had disagreements about each other’s job in properly parenting their children, prompting the couple to end their marriage.

The CNN persona, on the other hand, has remained unconcerned about the reports surrounding her divorce. Neither the rumors nor the claims have been denied by her.

She appears to appreciate her family perks with children, as indicated by a 2017 tweet in which she uploaded a picture of a box of Oreos and expressed regret for taking her children to the mall without mentioning her spouse. Christine’s silence means that the truth about her divorce may take a little longer to reach the public.

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