Unlike many YouTubers who started their channel out of pure passion, FaZe Rain found his way to YouTube as a way to find redemption from his fatal depression. YouTube has given him just about everything he has now, including popularity, a successful job, and a large net worth. Above all, YouTube was his savior.

FaZe Rain is a Canadian YouTuber recognized for his incredible e-gaming talents on his channel, and his fans have adored him for it, with his channel FaZe Rain gaining over 5.2 million subscribers. He is also a part of the FaZe clan and Call Of Duty gaming teams.

Under his true name, Nordan Shat, the gamer maintains a vlog channel where he opens up about his personal life to his audience. This channel has over 1.2 million subscribers, which is rather astounding.

Nordan Shat, a Canadian native, was born on May 29, 1996, in Toronto.

Growing up, he didn’t have the finest of circumstances

He and his sister were up in a home full of emotional turmoil, with parents who couldn’t get along. His parents had frequent disagreements and confrontations until one day his father abruptly disappeared without a trace, ruining his upbringing. He developed depression as a result of his childhood anguish, which only worsened as he grew older. He became suicidal at one point and had a week of treatment to recuperate from a botched suicide attempt.

His therapist suggested that he take up a hobby. And after he discovered his new passion, his life began to change for the better.

Faze Rain’s Net Worth

Rain discovered e-gaming as a passion to keep him occupied and help him manage his sadness. He began to watch gaming videos and became a pro-e-gamer by the time he chose to create his own gaming material. Since joining YouTube in December 2010, the 22-year-old has had a fantastic adventure.

Although his anxiety flares up now and then, like it did in April of 2018, causing him to have a nervous breakdown, he is determined to keep going, not only because it is his vocation, but also because he can spread happiness and educate what he has learnt to his viewers. And he does so by revealing himself in his videos.

In April, in the middle of April, I experienced my biggest mental collapse ever. Every other day, if not every day, I would go through them. I’m not going to lie, some nonsense occurred. Self-harm nonsense. I was admitted to a hospital for a few days and then transferred to a psychiatric facility […] I was surrounded by folks who were dealing with situations a hundred times worse than mine.

He makes the same amount as any other YouTuber in his position: $4,200 per year on average. He spends as any other wealthy man would; he buys fancy automobiles and other items. But, more than passion, there is feeling in what he does, and that is what sets him apart.

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aze Rain’s Merchandise Is Now Available; Confirmation Logo

Rain has discovered a clever method to capitalize on his celebrity. He’s released gear, which includes sweatshirts and pullovers with his emblem on the front.

His fans are enamored with the creation, and this business will bolster his fiance. And, with his rising fame, there’s a good chance he’ll impress a female into becoming his girlfriend, because the one he already had wasn’t impressed enough.

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SSSniperWolf and Boyfriend Disclose Their Chemistry! Ethnicity, Net Worth, Sister FaZe Rain, a YouTube gamer, had a girlfriend, but does he still have one?
Taylor, the gamer’s girlfriend, was his girlfriend. In December 2014, he revealed the news in one of his videos, ‘MEET MY GIRLFRIEND.’ She was also seen on his social media accounts.

Meet FaZe’s Ex-Girlfriend

FaZe was in a relationship with Taylor for over two years. However, things did not work out for the couple, and they separated up in early 2016.

By 2017, Rain had begun to make indications about his new relationship with Apex. But he hasn’t revealed enough about his current relationship status.

Even if things don’t work out again, he won’t be concerned because he has lots of time and an excellent physique enhanced by his 6ft. 3 inches tall height, which is sure to make the ladies fall in love with him.

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