Colman Domingo and his husband, Ral Aktanov, have been happily married for several years. The openly gay actor met him in a drugstore and fell in love. They were later reunited in an internet marketplace.

How did Colman and Raul Fall in Love?

Love may be found in the most improbable of locations, and Walgreens was that place for Domingo and Aktanov. Domingo strolled into the store looking for a mud mask when his gaze met Aktanov’s. He was talking to a friend on the phone. Domingo fell in love at first sight.

In February 2021, Domingo spoke with GQ about the magical moment. Aktanov’s presence drew Domingo’s attention, with his long hair, pierced lips, and striking gaze making him weak in the knees. After that, the actor attempted to wave at him.

A woman, on the other hand, was dragging Atkanov out of the store arm in arm. With a limping heart, he left Domingo. Domingo wandered off, depressed by his crush’s departure, and wound up in the aisles of a neighboring Blockbuster. His heart was full of optimism, and he had a feeling fate would work its magic.

Domingo told GQ, “I just felt something.”

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Not only had the actor fallen in love at first sight with a stranger at Walgreens, but so did Aktanov, who had stopped by that same Walgreens to acquire “apology” chocolate for a party he had missed.

Aktanov had buried himself in Chardonnay later that night, unable to forget Domingo’s face. Atkanov finally gave way to his emotions at that point. He put a Craigslist ad in the “Missed Connections” section, determined to find the man who had stolen his heart.

And the hand of fate was at work. Domingo discovered the message a few days later when browsing the “Missed Connection” area.

The message stated, “I saw you outside of Walgreens in Berkeley…” The actor couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

He promptly composed a romantic email to Aktanov, which began, “To the darling angel with the most striking eyes.” What a lovely couple!

The gay couple met for the first time in a modest San Francisco bar. They spent the night together when Aktanov insisted, and Domingo declared his love to his lover.

Aktanov, who was a huge supporter of Domingo’s profession, would show up at most of his partner’s gigs with bouquets of white roses. They moved to Juneau, Alaska, during their first summer together. Aktanov took a job as an assistant costume designer so that he could be with his boyfriend while acting. They moved to New York soon after, where Aktanov proposed.

The Wedding of Colman Domingo and His Husband Raul

Domingo and his girlfriend married 25 of their closest friends and family members in a short ceremony. “Welcome to our wedding!” the couple said as they welcomed their guests inside the ceremony disguised as a house party.

Domingo credits his husband for assisting him in becoming a more complete person. He added in an interview with Advocate that their love has only grown stronger.

“It helps because my husband and I want nothing more for ourselves than to be the greatest people we can be and to be free and unafraid in our own places, and to help each other grow.”

It’s incredible how a love story that began in a drugstore and progressed through an internet buying and selling platform became an everlasting fairytale romance.

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