Ian Hanomansing

Who is Ian Hanomansing?

Ian Honomansing is a Canadian citizen. He is a journalist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). He is best known for co-hosting CBS News Now with Ian Hanomansing and contributing to The National.

Relationship of Ian Hanomansing and Nancy Hanomansing?

Ian Hanomansing, host of CBC News Now, and his wife Nancy Hanomansing have been married for a long period.

Nancy Hanomansing and lan Hanomansing
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When they were both studying LLB at the same time, they met. They received their bachelor’s degree in 1986. They married in the early 1990s, and it’s been more than 20 years.

Yes Ian Hanomansing changed his surname for his wife

CBC’s latest news Ian Hanomansing’s name has been a hot topic since he changed his last name. Ian Harvey, formerly known as Ian Hanomansing, has changed his name to Ian Hanomansing. Several people presume he did it for his wife because he is married.

How may children Ian and Nancy have?

They have two children together. The 58-year-old host is the proud father of two teenage sons who both graduated from high school last year. Ian and Nancy are wonderful parents to their two children.

(Ian-Hanomansing-Sons) Picture from: Pinterest

As a big reporter, Ian was getting a lot of offers from different big corporations in the United States and Canada.

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He resolves to stay in Vancouver as a good father so that his sons can attend the same school. They’ve spent the last 25 years in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood. Their sons are all grown up, and the couple may now live anywhere they wish without fear of being discovered.

Ian Hanomansing, the New Face of CBC News

He is finally receiving the job he deserves after all of his hard work. Ian will take over as anchor of the CBC network’s flagship show The National beginning in July.

The major event will take place on the eve of Canada’s 150th birthday celebration. After years of hard labor, several of the host’s family congratulated him on attaining his dream.

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