Netizens predicted that Nessa Barrett might appear on the BFFs podcast to discuss her recent breakup with Jaden Hossler for a few weeks. The allegations were fanned even more when the BFFs podcast continued to share IG posts, making it appear as if the ‘La Di Die’ was truly joining them.

Barrett used to be a regular on the show, but she stopped attending after she broke up with one of the hosts, Josh Richards, and began seeing his friend, Hossler. So when word of the singer’s attendance on the podcast emerged, her fans were ecstatic, until Barrett finally came up on May 19, 2022, about her much-anticipated appearance.

On the most recent episode of the BFFs podcast, Nessa Barrett clarifies that she is not the new guest. Barrett responded to one of her followers in the comment section of her TikTok video, according to The original Tiktokroom.

Barrett, who goes by the Instagram handle “babycowboylol,” said flatly “no” when asked if she would appear on the program.

Barrett’s remark backed up everything.

Dixie D’Amelio Appears in a New Episode of ‘BFFs’

Barrett appeared to be telling the truth because fellow TikTok star turned musician Dixie D’Amelio was the guest on the most recent episode of the show. On TikTok, BFFs aired a teaser of the new episode, with D’Amelio admitting that she was anxious about being on the show.

“Something usually happened when the show happened,” she stated, but host Dave Portnoy assured her that the presentation would focus on Richards rather than her “Don’t worry, I’ll bear the brunt of this interview.” Richards interjected, “I got it.”

The hosts were probing each other about the whole “Richards getting back together with Barrett” situation in other TikTok segments. Since Richards and Barrett were seen hanging out, folks have been asking Portnoy to get Richards to spill the beans.

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That wasn’t all, though. The host revealed that he found out via his co-anchor, Brianna LaPaglia, just before the show started that the former couple had been hanging around for two weeks.

Richards was shocked and exclaimed, “Bri!!!” when he heard this.

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Josh Richards Addresses the Speculated Nessa Barrett Reunion

In the forthcoming episode of the podcast, it appears that the former Sway Boy will explain everything. Richards, on the other hand, was spotted conversing to paparazzi in a video published by The original Tiktokroom.

He went into great detail about why he and his ex were spending time together. Richards claimed they were talking on a dog walk, but it had nothing to do with their attempt to reconcile. They were attempting to put an end to their previous relationship.

Hopefully, in the upcoming episode, netizens will be given the answers they need.

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