Mark Dixon, a meteorologist with WFSB, has a large family and numerous friends. In the past, he has never been seen with a girlfriend. It makes us wonder if he’s truly single or if he’s really that excellent at keeping secrets.

As a meteorologist, we know plenty about Dixon. Dixon, the romantic, on the other hand, is shrouded in mystery. Let’s put what we’ve learned so far together.

Mark Dixon has a family but no wife

Dixon frequently shares information on science and weather on social media. He also posts about his family, including his parents and younger brother, on rare occasions. We know he has a lot of friends, but the only time he posted a picture with a girl, he made it clear that she wasn’t his girlfriend or wife.

Yes, you read that correctly. He’s never mentioned having a girlfriend or being married in any of his posts. Dixon, being the private individual that he is, has always kept his personal life secret. Dixon has never married and has no children, despite the fact that we don’t know what his present relationship situation is.

The weather is one of the few things we know he enjoys besides his family.


At a young age, Mark Dixon became interested in weather

Dixon’s fascination with weather began at an early age and grew over time. He grew raised in Tornado Alley, a region in the central United States where tornadoes are common, which may explain his interest in meteorology.

He eventually relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to pursue his goal at the University of Oklahoma, which is recognized as one of the best meteorology schools in the country. He is concerned about more than just the weather; he is also concerned about his health and fitness.

As concerned as he is about the status of the skies, the Science Sunday host is also an avid sports fan. He enjoys working out at the gym, golfing, and running, as it turns out. Dixon has run eight marathons, including ones in Oklahoma City, Dallas White Rock, and New York City, to name a few.

He currently concentrates in 5k, 10k, and half-marathon races. In a word, the world-renowned meteorologist has dedicated all of his love and affection to his family, the weather, and sports, leaving him no time for a wife or girlfriend.


By Meera