For Tia Booth and her fiancé, Taylor Mock, things are going rapidly. The Bachelor alum, who recently got engaged, has announced that she is expecting her first child with Mock. She announced the happy news on Instagram.

In an odd turn of events, however, Instagram removed her announcement post. Booth, like everyone else, was taken aback by the platform’s decision to remove her article.

Tia Booth and her fiancé Taylor Mock are expecting their first child

Booth took to Instagram on June 19, 2022, to compose a lengthy post about her soon-to-be first child. However, the description of the image made it plain how bittersweet the event was for her. The pregnancy announcement occurred on Father’s Day, and she was understandably distraught after losing her father in February.

She began her piece by saying, “This has unquestionably been my most tough season thus far.” “I’ve never experienced such intense sadness and joy at the same moment.” She went on to say that it had been “tough to be grateful for the positive” because her father, one of her most significant people in her life, had been absent at their new arrival celebrations.

She hadn’t given up hope, though. “While I wish I could tell my father all the wonderful news in person,” she continued, “it gives me peace knowing that he is aware of everything much before I am.”

Tia Booth has announced that she and her boyfriend Taylor Mock are expecting their first child.

“I have no doubt my father had a role in this,” Booth said, admitting that it had been difficult to feel both the excitement of welcome a new life and the sadness of losing the one who had passed away.

She wished both her father and her fiancé a happy Father’s Day at the end of the message. She shared a photo of herself caressing her stomach while leaning in close to Mock, who was kissing her on the forehead with one arm on her side.


Tia Booth’s Reaction to Her Deleted Post

Immediately after the article went online, congratulations and sympathetic messages began to flood the comment area. The Bachelor Nation and other celebs rushed to send her and Mock their best wishes.

Instagram, on the other hand, has other plans than to let the good times roll. They opted to remove the post for whatever reason. Booth was one of the first to notice the change and even took to Instagram stories to discuss it.

She shared two screenshots of her Instagram wall, taken within minutes of each other, to demonstrate how quickly she was deleted.

She explained that she had just gone outside to water her grass and that she was not near her phone when the post was taken down. With this, she stressed that the platform, not she, had withdrawn the post. The post has not been reinstated as of this writing, and Booth has not offered any updates on Instagram’s response, if any.


By Meera