How often does a celebrity’s sexuality come under scrutiny? Obviously, the answer is multiple times. Freddie Jackson has recently been under fire for keeping his personal life and sexual preferences hidden from the public eye.

Because the topic was frequently brought up, the American singer was given the opportunity to react to the questions and put an end to the speculations in an interview.

Get a more in-depth explanation of the interview today, as well as the reasons why he may have been subjected to LGBT rumors.

Jackson Defended Himself Against Gay Rumors During an interview for ‘Unsung’

The vocalist of “You Are My Lady” was featured in an hour-long episode of TV One’s documentary series Unsung in 2012. According to the documentary trailer, Jackson will open out about his sexuality in the film.

Many followers assumed that with such a description, he would finally come out of the closet and reveal his sexuality. The expectation, however, did not match the content.

The Grammy-nominated performer just avoided queries about his sexuality throughout the series. He claimed he didn’t feel compelled to respond to the inquiry and added, “I’ve never had to explain myself to my mum.” God will judge us based on who we are and what we do. The ‘Tasty Love’ singer ambiguously answered the fans’ questions by saying he never had to explain himself to his mum. He didn’t say anything about the LGBT allegations, leaving followers to speculate on their own.

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Gay rumors were fueled by the ambiguous interview

Despite the fact that the singer’s answer in the Unsung interview did not provide any clear findings, many people thought that the vague response confirmed the suspicions.

“Actually, he did answer without answering,” one of his fans said on Yahoo’s discussion page concerning his sexuality. The user then went on to explain the claim in more detail. A straight man, he wrote, would constantly deny being gay, leaving no room for additional speculations. However, the New York native’s ambiguous response backfired.

Jackson didn’t acknowledge to being gay in public since he had so many female fans, according to another fan. Despite this, a Yahoo user stated that the singer appeared effeminate in the documentary.

Despite the fact that the interview led many Jackson followers to believe he was gay, no conclusions could be drawn. It merely added fuel to the fire and didn’t provide any definite solutions.

His rumored homosexuality could be due to his lack of a wife figure

Jackson’s sexuality is being scrutinized due to the fact that he looks to be unmarried. He has never been in a public relationship with a woman, despite his advanced age. He does have female friends and sings with female vocalists, but there is nothing more to it than friendship.

As a result of his lack of a wife-figure and his low-key personal life, he may have become embroiled in gay rumors. However, no judgments can be drawn until and unless the singer addresses the issue.

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By Meera