Last summer, Martha Stewart’s poolside thirst trap not only went viral, but it also appears that multiple suitors slipped into her DMs and asked her out on a date. On a steamy day in the Hamptons, the 79-year-old gazed into the camera with puckered lips, allegedly cooling down in her pool. She wrote a modest comment describing her pool’s development.

The image has received over 230,000 likes and thousands of comments from users who used the fire emoji to express their emotions. The lifestyle expert revealed on Entertainment Tonight that she had no idea what a thirst trap was, but after ET’s Nischelle Turner described it to her, she agreed with the moniker. Stewart said, “That’s obviously a thirst trap.”

Too Preoccupied With Proposals

On April 2, stand-in presenter Howie Mandel brought up the steamy selfie and asked Stewart if she had any Zoom dates during a visit on The Ellen Show. However, the icon stated that she had a packed schedule and limited time to participate in a virtual date.

Oh, I’ve received so many offers, and you’ve received so many proposals. But I had to ignore them all. I have a lot on my plate.

A look back at Martha’s previous relationships

Despite Martha’s claims that she is too busy to date, she has been alone for numerous years, and fans may forget that she was previously married for decades.

Andrew Stewart, a publisher, was her husband for 29 years before they split in 1990. When her ex-husband was a 23-year-old Yale law student and Martha was a professional model while studying European history and architectural history at Barnard College, the two were matched up on a blind date. A year later, in July 1961, the couple married.

According to People, their marriage started out well, but as Martha’s fame expanded, so did the disagreements between Stewart and her then-husband, causing their relationship to become strained.
“Andy loved Martha passionately,” Norma Collier, Stewart’s first business partner, said, “but he was continuously being belittled or berated by her.”

Although the couple divorced in 1990, they had been apart since 1987, with Andrew reportedly obtaining a court order prohibiting Martha from speaking to him. In 1993, he married former assistant Robyn Fairclough, who was 21 years his younger.

Alexis Stewart, the couple’s daughter, has not interacted with her father since 1988.

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A Search for Love

The domestic diva made headlines in 2014 when she spoke up about her love life to Haute Living New York and stated that she’s “seeking for a mate.” She had signed up for, a prominent dating site, the year before and received 1000 answers in only two days.

While the business-savvy beauty has no shortage of suitors, Stewart claims that finding someone “suitable” was the key. “A kind of person who is amenable,” she added. However, she will remain happily single until she meets that man.

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