Vinnie Hacker published a TikTok on June 17, 2022, that got everyone’s attention. Hacker smiled peacefully in the first portion of the video and stated in the caption that it was him talking to a female when they weren’t exclusive.

When I see a male remark on her post,” the TikToker wrote in the second part, looking like he was about to fight someone. Many followers requested Hacker to divulge the identity of the “female” he was dating in the comments section. Some people have been scouring TikToker’s social media for hints as a result of the video.

“Vinnie, who is she?” But whomever she is, she’s lucky as hell,” one commenter said.

Many people asked Hacker if the girl was Olivia Rodrigo, but he stated that this was not the case. Later, Hacker responded to the remarks, saying, “Bro, it’s no one in particular.” “It’s simply a TikTok,” says the narrator.

Some of his fans also backed him up. “U guys are overreacting,” one user remarked. “He’s not talking to anyone, it’s simply a video we all connect to.”

“Guys, just let his relationship alone.” So be it whether it was or wasn’t meant for someone. Another person added, “There’s no need to go on a scavenger hunt.”

Olivia Rodrigo and Vinnie Hacker are dating

Because they were just believed to be dating, many of his admirers assumed he was referring to Rodrigo. On May 28, 2022, the duo was sighted at the ‘Drivers License’ singer’s concert after-party, which sparked the allegations.

The couple was photographed by paparazzi, and their images went viral on social media. Rodrigo got pecked on the cheeks by Hacker. After that, the two hugged it out, and Rodrigo walked away while Hacker looked on.

Even though nothing had been confirmed, many of their admirers looked ecstatic at the thought of them dating.

“OK, but they’d be so adorable.” One person wrote on The original Tiktokroom’s snapshot of the two, “I hope they’re seeing each other.”

In the meantime, another person wrote, “OMG. They’d be the sexiest couple on the planet.” Later, celebrity news portal Hollywire posted a TikTok claiming that an unidentified source told Deuxmoi that the two were “in love” but not dating. However, now that Hacker has confirmed it, it appears that the fanfare was for naught.


Billie Eilish and Vinnie Hacker

Billie Eilish has also been associated to Hacker. After breaking up with her previous lover, Matthew Tyler Vorce, Eilish was linked to Hacker. The purported couple may have something going on, according to Deuxmoi on many occasions.

The couple had a low-key romance, according to a blind item from an unnamed insider, but it’s unclear if things progressed beyond that. Another source close to Hacker told the magazine that he and his putative lover had a low-key relationship and that Hacker would sneak into the singer’s house through the window.

Meanwhile, a third supporter informed the site that they had heard whispers about the couple from people in the industry. Hacker has yet to respond to this rumor.


By Meera