The Hollywood mogul Benny Medina, who has overseen the careers of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Will Smith, has a significant impact on the entertainment business. He was previously charged with trying to rape someone while wielding his authority and influence.

Medina was charged with attempted rape by Jason Dottley. Right as Harvey Weinstein was being thoroughly dissected, the actor came forward with his account of the incident.

But Dottley wasn’t the only person to accuse Medina of having inappropriate behavior in the 2000s.

Jason Dottley Accused Benny Medina Of Rape

In a November 2017 interview with The Advocate, Dottley described a lot of what he said transpired between him and Medina in December 2008. It was his “shameful secret,” which he kept hidden for over ten years before eventually coming forward in the wake of Anthony Rapp’s allegations against Kevin Spacey.

Medina attempted to rape Dottley in his Los Angeles residence, according to Dottley’s narration. He went there after meeting Medina at the Abbey, a club in West Hollywood, along with buddy and fellow actor T. Ashanti Mozelle.

Dottley believed Medina was more interested in Mozelle than him when he welcomed the two actors to his home. The two kindly accepted the mogul’s offer to give them a tour of the facility after that. Previously charged with attempted rape, Benny Medina, with Jennifer Lopez and Demi Lovato.

When they reached the swimming pool during the tour, Mozelle undressed and took a “small dip.” Dottley continued to believe that Medina was interested in Mozelle. Without Mozelle, the two continued the tour and ultimately made it to Medina’s bedroom. The executive then threw Dottley into the bed while holding him by his shirt and began imposing himself on the actor.

Dottley, a 6-foot-155-pound man, began to struggle since he was physically helpless and realized that his mental preparation for the circumstance wasn’t nearly enough to escape.

According to his accounts, Medina grew more hostile the more he protested. The executive allegedly said, “I’m having you,” and pressed his forearms into the actor’s neck. Dottle brought up his marriage to Del Shores and proudly displayed his wedding band “Stop. I am wedded. Doing what, exactly?” He tried to undress him, but it didn’t work, and the actor couldn’t remember anything of the type.

Dottley remembered the incident, “His forearm was crushing down on my neck so hard that I don’t know how much longer I would have been conscious.” The duration of the struggle is unknown, but it was sufficient for Mozelle to get concerned.

Randomly exiting the pool, Mozelle entered Medina’s bedroom where he discovered him perched atop Dottley. He yelled something like, “Get off him!” and it was effective. As soon as Medina dismounted Dottley, he grabbed him by the shirt once more and hurled him into his bedroom door. Medina yelled at the two, “You two get the [expletive] out of here.”

In spite of Dottley’s silence over the interaction with his ex-husband, Medina reappeared in his life a few days later and sent him a threatening SMS. He and his ex-husband were strolling down the street when Medina texted him, asking, “Is that the husband I had to have killed to get you?”

He privately replied, asking Medina not to text him again, but he continued to keep the event a secret from Shores out of concern that he might “do something.” Only after The Advocate’s article was published did Shores learn about it.

The Sordid Lives actor refrained from talking about the incident further out of concern that there would be no other evidence save what Mozelle witnessed. He didn’t think it mattered and wasn’t sure what he would do in any case.

In April 2016, Renee Bailey, his manager, was one of the few people he confided in. Dottley essentially requested her to leave Medina out of the list of collaborators. Medina, via his attorneys, vehemently refuted the charges of attempted rape in light of the accusations after the item went public.

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Sexual Assault Case involving Benny Medina

Medina was accused of sexual assault by someone else in addition to Dottley. The Hollywood Reporter covered this story in 2018.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office announced on September 21, 2018, according to THR, that it would not pursue a sexual assault complaint brought against Medina. The event allegedly took place in 2004 according to the district attorney’s report.

The case, however, was not being pursued by the D.A.’s office since it was determined that the statute of limitations had expired. In addition, the unidentified alleged victim had also passed away.

Dottley decided against filing a lawsuit against Medina because he feared for the lives and futures of Shores, his stepchildren, and himself. He stated, “Hopefully everyone can realize exactly how afraid of this man I was,” citing his strength and influence.

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