Andrea Canning, a Canadian-American journalist, and actor comes from a large yet loving family. She and her husband have six children and appear to be doing a fantastic job as a wife and mothers.

On her Instagram feed, the Collingwood native and Dateline NBC contributor write a lot about her family and spouse.

What is Tony Bancroft, Andrea Canning’s husband, up to these days?

Lt. Colonel Tony Bancroft was the captain of a fighter plane when he first met Canning, and he was handsome and well-built. The fact that he was in the military was one of the main factors that drew her to him.

According to his Linkedin page, Bancroft is currently employed as a research analyst for Gamco Investors (2018-present) and as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserves (2009-present).

In addition to being a decorated Marine veteran, he has also served as a F/A-18 Instructor Pilot.

The Love Story of Andrea Canning and her Husband Tony Bancroft will Warm Your Hearts

The love tale between the two is straight out of a movie script. When Tony was deployed to Iraq, they were introduced. For several months, they were only able to communicate via email. They finally met in 2006 after a year apart, and it was love at first sight for Bancroft.

I felt this girl was so gorgeous the first time I saw her that I could envision myself being with her… I could tell she was exactly right.

In September of 2007, Bancroft proposed to the love of his life. The pair had to live apart for a while following the engagement because of their polar opposite occupations. In June of 2008, they were married for the first time.

The couple has a half-dozen children together

Following their marriage, the couple wasted no time settling down and starting a family. Anna, their first child, was born in 2009, just a year after they married. Anna’s family has grown to include Charlotte, Christina, Georgia, Elle, and Tripp, for a total of eight members.

Tripp, their youngest and only child, was born in June of last year.

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Andrea Canning has a sweet family photo album on Instagram

Canning is far from private, particularly when it comes to her family. Her Instagram account is entirely dedicated to photos of her six children and hubby. Bancroft expresses her joy and constantly updates her family on social media.

And if you browse down their profiles, you’ll see a slew of adorable photos and videos of their kids that will give you baby and relationship fever.

The couple appears to have adjusted well to their large family, based on their Instagram. They go on outings and picnics regularly, pose for publications together, and their family life appears to be inspirational for parents. Despite all of their professional challenges, they have managed to make time to spend with their family, which is something many parents struggle with.

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