Justice Smith, who plays Will Smith’s son in All the Bright Places, has weighed in on the ludicrous claim that he is his father’s kid.

In an interview with BuzzFeed Celeb, the actor described several strange encounters with people who assumed he was Will’s son and asked him about his ‘father.’

Smith, not that one

The actor and his co-star participated in a BuzzFeed Celeb interview in March 2020, following the release of the Netflix film All The Bright Places, when they recalled the first false story they had heard about themselves. Given his surname, Justice swiftly pointed out that his first inaccurate rumor was that he was being addressed as Will’s son.

In the video, the actor recounted a humorous event in which a cab driver questioned him about his ‘father.’ The actor said that the driver congratulated his father, leaving Justice puzzled as to how the driver knew his father.

As their chat developed, the actor realized that the driver was mistakenly thinking he was Will’s son. In the interview, Justice stated he didn’t have the heart to dispute the notion because the driver appeared to be enjoying himself.

Furthermore, the actor claimed that he once watched a video essay suggesting that Will was, in fact, Justice’s father and that Justice was pretending not to be related to the mega-star out of fear of being called out for nepotism.

In the video, the actor confirms that he is not connected to Will. It’s not the first time Justice has denied any connection to Will. In September 2016, Justice went so far as to dispute the claim that he was Will’s son with a Tweet.

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Comes From A Bi-Racial Family

The actor disclosed that he came from a multi-racial household in a response to one of his Tweets dated March 12, 2018. He asserted that his mother was white, his father was black, and his stepmother was Filipino, and that they hailed from distinct racial origins.

Justice just dedicated a compilation video to his mother on Mother’s Day. In the film, there were photographs of their family and a handful of pictures of his father, who was clearly not Will Smith.

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