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The successful animated series Rick and Morty has made Justin Roiland a household figure. In the project he co-created with fellow writer/producer Dan Harmon, he is the principal voice cast (of both Rick and Morty).

Rick and Morty’s wide universe, packed with strange characters, sci-fi plots, and metaphysical themes, has attracted a large fanbase since the program debuted on December 2, 2013.

Celebrities such as Elon Musk and Kanye West are among the followers.

When Kanye West came to visit the set of the show in 2018, Justin Roiland was there.

Roiland labored in the field of animation and filmmaking for many years before producing the famous show, holding several roles.

Getting a Job

Justin worked on several projects in the creative fields of animation and filmmaking before becoming famous for Rick and Morty.

The artist’s first work was as a production assistant on Ryan Seacrest’s reality show, Ultimate Revenge, in 2001 (immediately after graduating from Modesto Junior College) (2001-2002). However, because it was a prank show, he was occasionally required to work as a background actor.

In an episode of Ultimate Revenge, Justin Roiland is shown. Later, in 2004, Justin became professionally involved in filmmaking through Channel 101, a non-profit short-film screening online platform developed by Dan Harmon (a frequent Collbeater and co-creator of Rick and Morty) and Rob Schrab.

The California native made his directorial debut with the 2004 short TV series Friends and Lovers, which was produced in partnership with the independent channel. Roiland went on to direct several episodes of shows like Reporters (2007) and The Most Extraordinary Space Investigations (2009). (2005).

Sarah Silverman and Dan Harmon appear in one of Justin’s episodes of The Most Extraordinary Space Investigations (2005). (YouTube video)

He worked on a lot of low-production-value shorts for Channel 101. With only a few cast members available, he shot the majority of the sequences in his flat. He worked as a writer, sound mixer, cinematographer, and even a makeup artist on his many projects (on Make-Up Department, 2004).

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Channel 101’s “Breakout Show”

Roiland’s previous work with Channel 101, in particular, included the most conspicuous hallmark trait of his successful program, Rick and Morty: the majority of them were adult gags or funny takes on already well-known generation-defining shows.

For example, the idea of his 2005 cartoon comedy House Of Cosbys (2005) was a man living with 100 Bill Cosby clones. The show’s comedian (Bill Cosby) was a pastiche of the popular comedy series The Cosby Show (1984-1982), while the plot was a parody of the film Multiplicity (1996).

The satire of Multiplicity was House of Cosby. The 1996 film Multiplicity was parodied in House Of Cosby. In addition, his 2006 animated short The Adventures Of Doc and Mharti was a satire of another film, Back To The Future. The brief comedy was part of a Channel 101 initiative, and it impacted the fundamental plot of Rick and Morty.

Job Opportunities in Voice Acting

Justin was offered to make animated sketches for VH1’s show Acceptable TV after his tenure with Channel 101. (2007). Mr.Sprinkles was a fan-favorite character that the artist designed and voiced during his time on his new show.

He revisited some complex and contentious subjects, such as domestic terrorism and racism, through this character. However, due to a material publishing limit imposed by the network, most of the sketches he wrote for the show were never shown.

He went on to work on series including 2 Girls, 1 Cup (2008), The Sarah Silverman Program: Animated Webisodes, and The Sarah Silverman Program: Animated Webisodes after Acceptable TV (2007). His voice-acting career took off, though, when he was invited by Disney to appear in the Fish Hook cartoon (2010-2014).

Even though the show’s subject was vastly different from the mature humor Roiland was used to, he gave it a go-to understand the art of animation. He revealed the following in a 2020 interview with Vanity Fair:

“Alex was seeking someone to develop this fishhooks idea, and they proposed it to me.

And it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

Oh, I’ve never done anything like this before, I could learn a lot, and it might be a lot of fun just to see how Disney puts together a performance here, and how can I rise to the challenge and try to contribute to something that could be good?”

During his stint at Fish Hooks, he portrayed the titular time-traveling character Blendin Blandin in Disney’s Gravity Falls(2012). Roiland was also a voice cast member of a strange character entitled Earl Of Lemongrab in another popular show called Adventure Time (2011-2018) from 2011 to 2018.

His misadventures on the show even inspired Rick and Morty to create the iconic character Butter Robot (2013).

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