Kelly Paniagua

Who is Kelly Paniagua?- Biography

Kelly Paniagua is well-known as the wife of American actor Julian McMahon. She is also a model, actor, and television personality. Let’s look more closely at Kelly’s marriage.

Kelly Paniagua’s Biography, Wiki, and Parents

Kelly Paniagua was born on December 15, 1977, in Australia. She is 43 years old now, and her 44th birthday is on December 15, 2021. Kelly was born to parents of Spanish and Portuguese ancestry as well. Her family, on the other hand, is unknown.

The general public is unaware of Kelly’s college or university education. Her husband, on the other hand, dropped out of the University of Sydney’s law school. He was dissatisfied with his studies and intended to drop out to focus on his acting career.

In Australia, he made his acting debut in the Australian soap opera “Home and Away.”

What is the Net Worth of Kelly Paniagua? (Salary)

Kelly Paniagua is a model, actress, and television personality. Before she became renowned, she was largely known in Australia and the United States. After marrying Julian McMahon, the son of former Australian Prime Minister Sir William McMahon, she ascended to international notoriety.

Kelly Paniagua
Kelly Paniagua with her husband (picture from Pinterest)

Let us now look at Kelly’s net worth. Is she a billionaire? To be sure, she hasn’t revealed anything about her net worth. She prefers that her financial information remain private. Her husband’s income, on the other hand, is made public.

Julian’s net worth is expected to reach $16 million by 2021, according to celebrity net worth estimates. Yes, he is a multibillionaire, and he owes his success to the years of hard work he put into the film industry. McMahon’s fortune was amassed as a result of his successful acting career.

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In May 1997, Julian purchased a $700,000 home in Los Angeles, just below the Hollywood Sign. In 2015, he listed the house for $2.3 million. After recording, he earned $2.18 million per month. The couple lives an opulent lifestyle.

The Marriage of Julian McMahon and Kelly Paniagua

Julian McMahon and Kelly Paniagua met in 2003 and have been together ever since. McMahon is a multi-award-winning actor who has appeared in a variety of popular television shows and films, including the critically acclaimed Fantastic Four series.

Julian and Brooke Burns began dating soon after Julian divorced his ex-wife, American actress Brooke Burns. Kelly and Julian had been dating for ten years when they decided to get married. As a result, the engagement came as quite a surprise. Julian and his daughter, Madison, planned the incident on a flight to Paris.

After dating for several years, the couple married on July 1, 2014. McMahon’s first wife was singer Dannii Minogue. After a year and a half of marriage, both parties decided to divorce. His second marriage to actress Brooke Burns ended in divorce after only two years together.

Kelly and McMahon are said to have dated for up to 11 years before exchanging vows in order to avoid a repeat of previous failed marriages. The wedding took place in Lake Tahoe, a stunning lakeside setting in California.

Kelly Paniagua
Kelly Paniagua with her husband ( Picture from Pinterest)

Madison McMahon, McMahon’s daughter from his marriage to actress Brooke Burns, currently resides in Australia with them. Madison McMahon is a 20-year-old beach volleyball player. Kelly has four dogs, a horse, Koi fish, birds, and a pond in her home.

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