Kevin Hart, an American stand-up comedian and actor, is short, yet his confidence and ability to deliver self-deprecating height jokes sets him apart.

Hart Takes Pride in His Height

Hart is one of the few celebrities who has never been ashamed of his diminutive size. He’s comfortable in his own skin and embraces it like no one else. He’s made his audience laugh at his own cost when doing his shows. He made fun of his height as a child, which took power away from anyone who could insult him. He described it as a “self-deprecating” manner in which he nevertheless stands assured.

“By stating it myself, I disarm you of it.” You can’t discuss it since I did it in all of my stand-up.”

The actor told Oprah Winfrey in a 2014 interview that he was “beyond confident and comfortable” with his height. Hart said he’s always been comfortable with his stature when Oprah asked how he got so comfortable with his height.

“Normally, males under six feet tall have a complex about it; however, you (pointing to Hart) transformed it into,” Oprah continued, to which he quickly responded that he is beyond confidence in who he is as a person and considers himself sexy. The Jumanji star also claimed that he tells his wife that he’s sexy all of the time. He went on to say, “I love me.”

Hart stated that he does not believe in altering his physical appearance to “appeal to” what others may find appealing. He went on to say that he’s “playing cards” with what he’s got, and that because people only get one life, he’s making the most of it.

“If we’re just playing poker, I’ve got to make this hand work, and this is what I’m going to ride out, so how do you not accept it?” You only get one life; I’m going to make the most of mine.”

When asked what advise he might give to folks who suffer with their tiny stature during a 2018 discussion with Mopi, the hilarious man said that size means nothing; personality is the best and most powerful thing you have.

He went on to say that just because they’re standing next to a taller man doesn’t mean they can’t have his heart and mentality. Hart also stated that confidence defines a person’s size, and that he never believes his height is a hindrance.

“I believe your confidence is what distinguishes you. What determines your true height. It’s never beneficial for me to think of my height as a hindrance.”

The 41-year-old married Eniko Parrish, a woman who is only a few inches taller than him. When the pair first announced their love, their height disparity was the first thing that everyone noticed. This boosts his self-assurance one more notch.

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Hart’s True Height Is a Controversy

While several sources state that he is 5 feet 4 inches tall, some accounts claim that he is two inches shorter. No one knows The Wedding Ring actor’s true height, and the man himself adds to the mystery.

On occasion, he shares amusing pieces on social media that contain false information regarding his height. Hart said on his official Twitter account in June 2018 that he has grown a few inches and that his height is now 5 feet 5 inches.

I believe I have matured a little. All I needed to do was draw a line on my height wall… This is a huge deal! I’m now a whole 5 feet 5 inches tall. I’m going to need to be fed in the post from now on when I play basketball…. I’ve been dropping steps all day!

A year later, in March 2019, the comic claimed that he had grown a quarter inch. “Haters will claim that now that I’m taller, I’m photoshopping my images,” he continued.

To add to the confusion, he solved the mystery of his height in a June 2017 interview with Variety, revealing that he is “5 foot 4 and a half.”

“I’m five feet four and a half inches tall. Many people believe I’m only five feet four inches tall; I’m not.”

Hart consented to undergo a lie detector test to reveal his height in a 2019 interview with Vanity Fair. One of the first inquiries the journalist asked was regarding his height. The comedian, as amusing as he is, first refuted the statistic.

“Are you 5 foot 2?” the journalist inquired. “Absolutely not, 5 foot 4,” he replied. “5 foot 3,” he said as the polygraph machine moved. As the machine progressed upwards, he modified his response to “5 foot two and a half,” until ultimately settling on “5 foot two” in a solemn tone.

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