Patrick Schwarzenegger is an actor and the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the best bodybuilders and actors alive. He is best known for films such as Midnight Sun, Daniel Isn’t Real, Echo Boomers, Grown Ups 2, Moxie, and others. Patrick has a fantastic physique; in fact, his body is leaner and ripped than most.

Patrick, like his father, maintains a specific physique, though he has been getting bulkier in recent weeks. Continue reading if you’re interested in learning more about Patrick Schwarzenegger’s workout and diet plan.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight

Height6 ft 1 inch
Weight82 to 85 kg
Age27 years
Chest43 inch
Waist32 inch
Biceps16 inch

Patrick Schwarzenegger: Workout Routine

Patrick Schwarzenegger is unquestionably one of the world’s fittest actors. When you hear the name Arnold Schwarzenegger, you can’t help but think he’s an expert on fitness. It may be accurate, but his fitness goals are not the same as his father’s. Patrick, unlike his father Arnold, is not a bodybuilder. So getting a huge body isn’t his goal; it’s more about staying in shape and staying in shape.

If you look at photos from a few months ago, you’ll notice that he was in very good shape; however, the actor has finally gained muscle. If I’m being honest, I never expected to see any physical similarities between Patrick and his father. However, now that he’s getting a little more bulked up, we can see that his body structure is improving.

Many of you are probably thinking that Patrick is working out with his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, on occasion, but he has a trainer who assists him in his preparation. Eric Fleishman, last I checked, was the one who helped Patrick with his movie body shape. Patrick, I’m sure, is still working out with him. I even read an interview with Patrick’s trainer in Hollywood Life, in which he was asked how he helped Patrick get such a great body shape.

In that interview, Eric stated that it was a combination of factors with Patrick. In the end, we put in a lot of effort in the gym, and Patrick’s genes also helped him bulk up. Depending on his current goal, Patrick’s workout usually consists of a variety of activities. Patrick, on the other hand, has shared a few highlights from his training in an Instagram post. In one, he’s doing a ram back hold, while in the other, he’s doing an intense HIIT rope cardio machine workout.

So I’m guessing Patrick’s workout will be mostly weight training with a little HIIT cardio thrown in for good measure. I can’t go over Patrick’s entire movement and exercise routine because only his trainer knows what he’ll do, but you can concentrate on a modified version of the standard weight training routine. So, increase your use of machines and dumbbells, focus on isolation training, and mix in some compound movement and functional workouts.

After that, use your favorite cardio machine to do an HIIT cardio finisher workout. Also, don’t overtrain; weight training should last no more than one and a half hours per day, and you should take two rest days per week. Keep the cardio workout to less than 20 or 30 minutes.

Patrick Schwarzenegger: Diet Plan

Patrick’s diet consists of meals prepared by his trainer according to his preferences. Eric stated in that interview that the diet is determined by the goals that his clients have in mind as well as what they prefer to eat. Eric also told Hollywood Life that they ordered the foods and nutrition they needed through Sunfare, a food delivery service.

Eric also stated that whenever he sees Patrick eating ice cream and posting about it on social media, he texts him a Fitness 911 text to get him to stop. Patrick, on the other hand, is an ice cream lover, and you’ll see him posting more ice cream and trying different favors than workout videos or posts. Patrick, on the other hand, eats a well-balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients.