Hello, today we’ll be talking about “JEN SELTER WORKOUT ROUTINE” and “JEN SELTER DIET PLAN.” Let’s take a look at her in a nutshell. Jennifer Selter, also known as Jen Selter, was born in New York on August 8, 1993. Jen researched social media and used it to advance her professional and personal careers. On Instagram, she also shows off her enthusiasm for the gym and photography.

Jen Selter is currently an internet celebrity and fitness model in the United States, with over 12.8 million Instagram followers. Jen is one of those women whose well-sculpted and highly toned physique has grabbed the media and the internet by storm.

Jen Selter has appeared in a number of television shows, magazines, and health-related films. Jen Selter is a brand ambassador for various fitness companies and has a net worth of $500,000. Jen makes a decent amount of money from each Instagram post she makes.

In 2014, she was also ranked 82nd out of 99 women as the most attractive. Jen Selter’s workout routine, Jen Selter’s nutrition plan, Jen Selter’s exercise routine, Jen Selter’s body measurements, Jen Selter’s fitness regime, Jen Selter’s workout chart, Jen Selter’s workout video, and Jen Selter’s Instagram photos were all discussed in this article.

Workout Routine of Jen Selter

Jen Selter claims that she has never had a personal trainer in her life and that she picks up all of her techniques simply by watching the trainers at the gym. Jen Selter says she concentrates on toning and leaning her legs, buttocks, and abs, and the best bilateral exercise for training these body parts is squats.

Note: Allow 30 seconds between each workout in one circuit. Once you’ve completed one course, repeat the circuit three times with a 1-minute pause between each course.

 Monday Jen Selter Workout Chart

Jen Selter Monday workout focuses on legs and butt.

Exercise Sets Reps
Wide dumbbell squats 4 15
Squats thrust 4 15
Walking lunges 4 15
Bosu sits 4 20
Medicine ball squats 4 15
Polymetric squat 4 15
Donkey kicks 4 12
Leg abductions 4 15

Tuesday Jen Selter Workout Chart

Her Tuesday workout mainly focuses on Upper body, abs, and cardio.

Exercise Sets Reps
Abs crunches 4 15
Bicycle crunches 4 15
Reverse crunches 4 15
High knees 4 20
Forearm planks 4 15
Lower leg lifts 3 15
Mountain climbers 3 15
Cardio 30min

Wednesday Jen Selter Workout Chart

Jen Selter mainly focuses on booty on Wednesday.

Exercise Sets Reps
Knee ups 1 20
Wide dumbbell squats 1 20
Walking lunges 1 20
Bench step-ups 1 20
Hips thruster 1 20
Wide dumbbell squats 1 20
Donkey kicks 1 30
Jumping jacks 1 50

Thursday Jen Selter Workout Chart

Jen Selter Thursday workout focuses on Butt workout.

Exercise Sets Reps
Knee ups 1 1min continuously
Wide dumbbell squats 1 40
Walking lunges 1 30
Jump squats 1 20
Side lunges 1 30
Hip bridges 1 30

Friday Jen Selter Workout Chart

She trains only abs on Friday. Her routine is as follows

Exercise Sets Reps
Ab crunches 1 30
Toe touches 1 30
Bicycle crunches 1 20
Reverse crunches 1 20
Sides plank lift 1 15
Abs crunches 1 30
Side plank hips lift 1 15
Russian twists 1 40
Bicycle crunches 1 40
Oblique v-ups 1 30
Reverse crunches 1 15
Oblique v-ups 1 20
Lower leg lifts 1 10

Jen Selter Diet Plan

  • Drastically change your Diet
  • Never skipped breakfast and always try to make a healthy breakfast
  • Eat smaller portions of food but eat at regular interval
  • Consume healthy fats
  • Add fiber to your diet.

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