Nicole Scherzinger’s Diet and Workout Routine: Nicole Scherzinger is an actress, singer, and television personality who has appeared in films and television shows such as Moana, X-Factor, Dirty Dancing, Annie Live, Men in Black 3, Dancing with Stars, and others.

She is unquestionably one of the most attractive singers you will ever see. Nicole Scherzinger has a sizable fan base who aspires to be like her and have her body. So, if you’re interested in the Nicole Scherzinger workout and diet plan, keep reading.

Diet Plan of Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger stated in the same article that she eats healthy and balanced meals such as eggs, toast, salmon, bacon, porridge, and so on. Nicole Scherzinger also eats pizzas, pasta, and Mexican foods with a lot of cheese on her cheat days.


  • Egg whites
  • Toast
  • Bacon
  • Porridge


  • Protein smoothie


  • Sushi or soup


  • Pasta or rice with veggies and chicken

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Height 5 ft 5-6 inch
Weight53-54 kg
Age43 years
Breast34 inch
Waist24 inch
Hips34-35 inch

Workout Routine of Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger is an American singer and actress who has appeared in films and television shows such as The Masked Singer, Moana, Men in Black 3, Dirty Dancing, Dancing with the Stars, The X-Factor, and others.

Nicole Scherzinger makes time to work on her body and get in shape while she is busy working. Nicole Scherzinger has an amazing body shape that makes you wish you had one like hers. Despite the fact that she is in her 40s, the actress still has the physique of a 20-year-old.

What does Nicole Scherzinger do to stay in shape and maintain her slim figure? Nicole Scherzinger recently spoke with Women’s Health Magazine about how she practices soul cycling, hot yoga, and core power yoga.

These classes, however, are only taken when Nicole Scherzinger is at home; when she travels and works on location, she sticks to gym routines and weight training.

She’s working out in the gym while wearing a bikini, as you can see in this video (I’m not sure why, but who cares?). It was a breathtaking sight.) Nicole Scherzinger’s incredible body physique can be seen in a number of videos.

So, how do you fit all of these workouts into your weekly routine to get Nicole Scherzinger’s body? Well, I would recommend weight training four to five days a week and a cardio and stretching class for the rest of the week. So we’ll do some short workouts every day to create a consistent routine that will help you achieve Nicole Scherzinger’s body shape.

Nicole Scherzinger’s workout consists of the following:

Training in Circuits

Five days of weight training will be divided into three circuits to train our upper, lower, and core muscles. The workout will give you an overall fit and healthy body, focusing on your core and lower body to give you that toned buttocks and slim waistline. Also, perform a 15-20 minute cardio warm-up before beginning this workout.

Circuit: 3

Exercise in each circuit: 4

Reps: 20

Sets of each exercise: 3

Rest time after the circuit: 80 to 120 seconds



  • Weighted squats
  • Barbell squats
  • Banded crab walks
  • Leg press


  • Leg extension
  • Lunges
  • Calf raises
  • Seated calf raises


  • Crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Russian twist
  • Plank hold



  • Push-ups
  • Chest press
  • Dumbbell press
  • Dumbbell flyes


  • Wide grip lat pulldowns
  • Cable rows
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Dumbbell deadlifts


  • Ball plank in and out crunches
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Cable wood chops
  • Side plank to a crunch



  • Banded squat walks
  • Dumbbell explosive squats
  • Stability squats
  • Leg curls


  • Dumbbell sumo squats
  • Curtsy lunge
  • Stiff-leg deadlift
  • Single leg pushdowns


  • Incline weighted crunches
  • Leg lifts up
  • Scissor kicks
  • Plank reach



  • Shoulder press
  • Lateral raises
  • Front raise
  • Shrugs


  • Biceps curls
  • Barbell curls
  • Triceps pushdown
  • Triceps kickbacks


  • Reverse crunches
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Plank twister
  • Plank to toe touch



  • Deep smith machine squats
  • Hack squats
  • Reverse lunges
  • Bulgarian squats


  • Hip thruster
  • Hip abduction
  • Glutes hyperextension
  • Glutes cable kickbacks


  • Toe touch crunches
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Side high plank
  • Stability ball plank

Yoga and Spinning

The rest of the days, you’ll spend an hour on the spin bike or doing yoga. Other workouts include hiking, going for a run, and so on. I would, however, recommend doing an hour to two hours of hot yoga. If you want to go even further and get an intense workout routine, go for an hour of soul cycling in the morning.

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