Saitama Workout Routine: In the popular anime series “One Punch Man,” there is a powerful hero named Saitama who, as the title suggests, can knock out anyone with a single punch.

If you’re a fan of anime shows, you’ve probably heard of him, but even if you’re not, you should check out his workout routine.

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Although the workout appears to be simple, it is actually quite difficult, you will be surprised to learn that one man has tried the Saitama workout in real life. Fans of One-Punch Man are well aware of Saitama’s incredible superpowers, which include 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a daily 10-kilometer run.

The workout, as seen in the anime’s early episodes, is laughably simple yet shockingly effective, as Saitama has been able to destroy (almost) every opponent he encounters with a single punch.

Many fans have wondered about the workout’s real-life results, and a Singaporean man named Sean Seah recently put Saitama’s plan into action by attempting to lose weight in a month after gaining a few pounds following Chinese New Year.

In his video, he explains how he divided Saitama’s training program into levels, beginning with 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, 50 squats, and a five-kilometer run at Level 5. By Day 23, he had reached Level 10, the same as Saitama’s regiment. “And finally, I finished my 30-day challenge,” Seah said. “I didn’t become a bodybuilder in 30 days, but I think these results aren’t too bad.”

Seah said he would limit his running to three to four days per week in the future and would incorporate a gym routine for lifting weights, but he strongly encouraged others to try the workout. In less than a month, his video, which was originally posted on March 10, gained 1.64 million views.

Exercise Routine of Saitama

The Saitama Workout routine includes the following:

Sean Seah divided the challenge into “different levels” that would best suit a person’s fitness level and requirements.

  • Level 1 consists of ten push-ups, ten sit-ups, ten squats, and a one-kilometer run.
  • Level 2 includes 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 20 squats, and a 2-kilometer run, among other things.

He starts with level 5 and gradually increases the intensity of the workout throughout the day. He wants to reach level 10, which is Saitama level, on the 23rd day.

He began the Saitama workout by simply doing push-ups, squats, and sit-ups for the first month, as well as a seven-day-a-week run.

Soon after, he realizes that he is doing an intense workout seven days a week and that his body is not getting enough time to grow, as a result, after 30 days, only his calf muscles have bulked up.

This man follows the regimen for the next month, working out two days a week. Instead of doing extra push-ups and sit-ups, he reduced the distance from 10 kilometers to 6 kilometers. He adds about 10 reps to each of the exercises.

His abs were clearly visible beneath the thin layer of fat after 79 days. “This workout got on his nerves,” he said, adding that he was dreading the push-ups and sit-ups, but that “the run was like ok and he was relaxed during the run.”

He said he lost 5 to 6 pounds on the 100th day, but his muscles were more toned and his pecs were lessened because he did not include cardio in this workout. He went on to say that if you want to gain muscle and focus on different body parts, it’s better to invest in a gym membership. The Saitama workout routine is the focus of this article.

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