The Bob & Tom Show’s Kristi Lee has a difficult time with her husband and married life.

But it was her failed marriages that gave her the two most important gifts of her life: her daughters Ava Marie Ritz and Sophie Ritz. And, being the wonderful mother she is, her daughters are her top focus.

From a previous marriage, Kristi Lee has two daughters

Lee said in a YouTube video that she has been married three times in her life. With her first two spouses, Thomm Malaby and Jack Woodlock, she had no children. She did, however, have children with her third husband, Adam Ritz.

She also admitted that her third marriage was pleasant, but that their relationship had become strained, so she ended it. Despite this, they are good friends who occasionally travel on vacations together for the sake of their children.

In the same video, she mentioned that, like other mother-daughter relationships, she enjoys travelling to Disney Land, having movie nights, and spending as much time with her girls as possible.
And Ava and Sophie are, without a doubt, the most important people in her life.

Ava, her older sister, is interested in fashion, marketing, and photography. Ava even has an Instagram account solely dedicated to photography. Lee has always encouraged Ava and requested her fans to respect her daughter as well, as a proud mother. She once used Twitter to brag about her daughter’s photography abilities. Lee also admitted that she used to date a lot since she didn’t feel like she was getting enough love. That was, however, a long time ago.

Andrew R. Gilbert is the man she is now dating. She updates her Instagram account with photos of herself and her lover on a regular basis.

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As a single mother, Kristi Lee’s professional journey has been interesting

Lee is most known for being the news director of The Bob & Tom Show, a nationally syndicated radio show. Few people are aware, however, that her first full-time employment was as a television engineer at WRTV.

She also worked part-time for WFBQ Q95 as a disc jockey. In 1988, she started a full-time radio career on The Bob and Tom Show.

On ESPN and ESPN2, the TV personality covered lacrosse and motor racing events as a sideline reporter. She worked as a sideline reporter for the Indiana Pacers of the NBA in the 1990s.

Lee announced her departure from The Bob and Tom Show in January 2016. However, the show quickly announced that Lee would be returning in July 2016.
The 61-year-old anchor admitted in an interview with BoomerTV that one of her main motives for returning to the show was to develop her own voice as an interviewer and build her own brand.

Kristi Lee Uninterrupted, a lifestyle podcast she started in 2016, is another project for the single mom. She invites renowned or semi-famous people on her podcast to talk about their life experiences and unique stories. The podcast currently includes 100 episodes, however, there hasn’t been a new episode in almost three years.

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