Angus Cloud is an actor best known for his role as Fez in the show Euphoria. He later went on to star in the film North Hollywood. In Euphoria, Angus Cloud portrays one of the most popular characters.

That is why he has amassed a sizable fan base, with over 2.6 million Instagram followers. Many fans aspire to look like Angus, so keep reading if you’re interested in the Angus Cloud workout and diet plan.

Angus Cloud: Height and Weight

Height5 ft 8 inch
Weight68-70 kg
Age27 years
Chest41 inch
Waist30 inch
Biceps13 inch

Diet Plan for Angus Cloud

For the diet plan, I would recommend eating fewer carbs and focusing on healthy carbs from vegetables and organic foods.

Now, I’m not sure what diet Angus Cloud follows, but I’ve never seen him eat anything particularly unhealthy; the only photo I found of him eating was of a sandwich. As a result, I don’t believe he consumes a lot of unhealthy foods. So, let’s look at a diet that will help you achieve that lean physique.

The Angus Cloud diet consists of the following foods:


  • Eggs
  • Toast
  • Avocado


  • Fruits or juice


  • Chicken breast
  • Veggies
  • Rice

Evening Snack

  • Chicken sandwich


  • Salmon
  • Veggies
  • Salad

Workout Routine for Angus Cloud

Angus Cloud is one of the most well-known actors from the television series Euphoria, in which he plays a character with a large fan base.

Everyone, I’m sure, adores Fez and Angus Cloud’s portrayal of the character. You can’t deny that Angus Cloud has a great body shape, aside from his incredible acting performance. That lean, muscular body shape is striking, and it makes you wonder how Angus Cloud stays in such good shape.

I looked for interviews and information to learn more about what Angus Cloud does to stay in shape. Unfortunately, there was little information about Angus Cloud’s workout routine or exercises that he might enjoy doing.

So, how do you get Angus Cloud’s body shape? He does, however, have the body shape of a model. It’s slim and muscular in appearance. So, if Angus was cast in a role that required him to bulk up, he would not hesitate.

For now, I’d say that you can get a body like Angus Cloud’s by following lightweight training workouts and supplementing with cardio or HIIT training to stay in shape.

I recommend doing a boxing HIIT workout or cardio HIIT training with a variety of cardio exercises afterward. Alternatively, depending on the approach you want to take, you can do both. Three days of weight training workouts will be ideal for weight loss.

You can do a five-day traditional bodybuilding workout if you want, but because Angus isn’t particularly muscular, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want to bulk up and get more reps to look ripped and cut, stay away from heavy weights.

We can’t get super fit because Angus Cloud isn’t super fit and plays a drug dealer. So let’s see what we can do to help you get as lean as Angus Cloud and look as fit and healthy as he does. Keep in mind that the workout you’ll see isn’t the same as the one Angus Cloud does.

The following is a list of Angus Cloud’s workout:


Four days a week, we’ll do a boxing workout. The workout will last an hour and a half and will assist you in becoming lean and in the shape of Angus Cloud. You’d not only be in better shape than Angus Cloud, but you’d also be more robust and faster.

Boxing will also assist you in losing weight and strengthening your core and entire body. Your punches will be faster, and your feet will be lighter. So go to a boxing or fighting gym and begin training.

Core and Weights

Do some weightlifting after you finish your boxing workout. Weight training will not be like a bodybuilding workout; it will strengthen and condition your body. As a result, we won’t be doing a proper weight-training routine; instead, we’ll do a mixed full-body weight routine. Weights and primary machines will be available in your fighting gym.

I recommend doing chest presses, dumbbell presses, biceps curls, shoulder presses, and other exercises. Squats, dumbbell squats, lunges, and other leg exercises should be done on two days and then on the other two days. After you’ve completed that, we’ll finish the routine with a core workout. It will be a quick circuit routine, with the circuits being repeated three times.

  • Crunches x 50
  • Cross crunches x 25 on each side
  • Leg raises x 20
  • Plank twister x 50
  • Plank hold x till failure