Bruce Lee, a man who awed the world by claiming to be the greatest martial artist, will be remembered as Bruce Lee. Workout and diet are both very motivating. Bruce Lee is a well-known martial artist. His death was shrouded in mystery, and there are still a few stories about how he died.

There was no one else in Hollywood, China, or any other industry who was as dedicated and skilled in martial arts as Bruce Lee. Yes, I’m counting Jackie Chan and Jet Lee as well. It’s just that Bruce Lee possessed tremendous strength, and the disparity between them is too great. So, what was Bruce Lee’s workout routine like, and what did he eat?

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Bruce Lee Height 5 ft 7 inch
Bruce Lee Weight  60 kg
Bruce Lee Age 32 years
BMI 20.5
Fat percentage 7.9%

Bruce Lee: Workout Routine

Since his birth, Bruce Lee has not been a wealthy man; however, he trained under the IP man and gained a wealth of skills and martial arts knowledge. The workout didn’t include much weight lifting; instead, it focused solely on his body and natural training, as well as all martial arts training. Bruce Lee’s workout is a mystery as well, but there are some things that every martial artist does, and that is all we will discuss.

Workout with Bruce Lee includes:

Push-ups and Running

Bruce Lee’s life revolved around running. He used to run every day, which was extremely beneficial to his stamina and agility. Later on, he would do a lot of push-ups, so many that you couldn’t count them. Push-ups with one finger, two fingers, one arm, and normal push-ups This is what gave him such a muscular chest and arms.


Churches are one of the most important components in strengthening his abdomen, which is why he can take so many punches and remain unharmed. Bruce Lee’s specialty was taking punches in the stomach while working out for abs.


On the Chinese wooden sparring martial arts dummy, he used to practice many combinations of punches, including jabs, hooks, and everything else, over and over again for hours. Today, it’s known as Wing Chun kung fu dummy. He used to train for hours in a particular style that he practiced. Practice one punching technique as well as other techniques. Below is more information on Bruce Lee’s workout routine.


On the same wooden dummy he used for punching, he did a lot of kicking and kickboxing. What’s great about that wooden dummy is how versatile it is in terms of martial arts and Kung Fu. Bruce Lee’s martial arts style includes a variety of kicks and punches combined, which he used to practice for hours.

Chi exercises

Chi is an internal force that circulates around your body, similar to what is depicted in the Dragon Ball Z anime. By honing your focus and control, you can control and use the Chi. To gain control of your Chi, you must practice hours of meditation and focus training.

This Chi was the sole source of Bruce Lee’s immense power. He used to scream with every punch or kick he landed because it helped him focus and control the Chi to a specific point and part of the body. With his one-punch man, he elaborated on this. He can control the Chi in his lunch and has thrown people 10 to 20 feet away with just a one-inch distance.

Weapons Practice

He also practiced with weapons such as nunchucks, swords, and wooden sticks. This was his usual workout routine. Bruce Lee’s workout routine is the focus of this article.

Bruce Lee: Diet Plan

Well, there was no such thing as a Bruce Lee diet plan, but his food was mostly boiled, filled with meat and vegetables, and rice. The food was bland and simple, with little oil.

Bruce Lee’s diet was divided into five small meals. Aside from food, Bruce Lee had a thing for tea, and he drank a lot of it.

1st meal

Bruce Lee used to eat this one first thing in the morning before going to the gym.

2nd Meal

Meal 2 was the meal Bruce Lee ate after completing his training.

3rd meal

Bruce Lee’s third meal was the Pre-Training Diet.

4th meal

This meal is usually served after the second training session.

5th meal

Meal 5 was Bruce Lee’s last meal, which he ate an hour or two before going to bed.

Eat only what your body requires and don’t overeat, as Bruce Lee used to say. This is why he feeds his body small meals and does not follow any special diet plan. His training was so intense that he was able to eat anything he wanted.