Dwayne Johnson is an actor, model, entrepreneur, former professional wrestler, and television personality. He was best known for his WWE career, but he went on to achieve enormous fame and success in the movies, making him the most famous person on the planet.

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most popular celebrities on social media, with over 258 million followers. Dwayne Johnson’s body, more than his acting, is something we admire. So, if you’re interested in the Dwayne Johnson workout and diet plan, keep reading.

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Body Measurements: Height, Weight

Height6 ft 3½ inch
Weight110-118 kg
Age49 years
Chest48-50 inch
Waist35 inch
Hips22 inch

Diet of Dwayne Johnson

Now that we’ve figured out Dwayne Johnson’s workout routine, we need to figure out his diet. You won’t be able to get a Black Adam body unless you eat properly. As a result, Dwayne consumes a large number of meals every two to three hours.

With every meal, he needs some protein with some carbs to keep him full, and everything he eats is organic and healthy, at least for the majority of the week. Dwayne is the guy who sticks to an 80-20 diet plan, which means he eats healthy and follows a strict diet for 80% of the time and then lets loose for the remaining 20%.

So you’ll see Dwayne eat a lot of healthy food six days a week, but when it comes to Sunday, he’ll eat whatever he wants. Dwayne takes it easy and eats whatever he wants there. His cheat meals usually consist of a full plate of cookies, his own brand of tequila, burgers, chicken wings, and so on.

Chicken, greens, protein shakes, rice, salmon, and occasionally steak are examples of healthy foods. If you want to know how Dwayne Johnson makes his protein shake, check out this recipe he shared on Instagram.

This shake will be consumed after his workout, and Dwayne’s dinner will be consumed an hour and a half later. So, let’s look at a diet that I believe would suffice to fill in the gaps left by Dwayne Johnson’s lack of explanation.

The following foods are part of Dwayne Johnson’s diet:


  • Avocado toast
  • Chicken sausage
  • Scramble eggs


  • Salmon
  • Veggies


  • Chicken breast
  • Rice
  • Veggies


  • Protein smoothie


  • Chicken breast
  • Rice
  • Greens

Post dinner

  • Oatmeal cookies
  • Chicken salad

Workout Routine of Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is one of those guys you don’t want to mess with; he’s bigger and more powerful than our superman Henry Cavill. However, I don’t believe there is much of a physical difference between them; Dwayne and Henry both appear to be enormous. If Dwayne had hair, we might see him as Superman one day; I’m sorry, Dwayne, but I had to do it.

However, we did see Dwayne Johnson in the role of Black Adam. It’s not out yet, but the shooting is over, according to what I’ve heard. We’ll see a new level of intensity in that film, and Dwayne is doing extra workouts, which we’ll discuss in a minute. Dwayne isn’t one of those people who doesn’t push himself on a regular basis; he does, but it was far too intense for this film.

So, how did Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson prepare for the role of Black Adam? Well, I saw Dwayne’s Instagram and discovered that he does a lot of supersets, or as he likes to call them, “giant sets of routines” in weight training. He’ll concentrate on more than two muscles at first, then just one. In addition, his workout will include cardio in the mornings and weight training in the evenings or at night.

The following are some of Dwayne Johnson’s workouts:


Dwayne enjoys running outside in the mornings as a way to maintain his cardio while doing his regular workout. Later, before his weight training, he does a few minutes of cardio, but it’s just a warm-up, so it won’t be intense or complex. You can get a good workout by doing 10 minutes of Stairmaster as a warm-up.

Back and Biceps Workout

Despite the fact that I haven’t seen Dwayne talk about his recent biceps workout, I am aware that he performs his favorite training of gain sets. It’s a series of exercises performed without or with as little rest as he can handle.

Dwayne works out for 4-5 minutes on each part and feels the burn. So this is my workout; remember to do three sets of each of these exercises, back to back, with as little rest as possible.

Sets: 3

Reps: 15-20

Training method: Light to heavyweight with as little rest as you can between each exercise


  • Dumbbell curls
  • Barbell curls
  • Hammer curls
  • Preacher curls


  • Chain pull-ups (each chain that Dwayne Johnson uses weight around 100 pounds)
  • Lat pulldowns
  • Cable rows
  • Barbell rows
  • Deadlifts (till failure)


Now shoulders are also not given by Dwayne Johnson, so I will be giving you a version that I think would work best for getting shoulders and last like Dwayne Johnson.

Sets: 3

Reps: 15-20

Training method: Light to heavyweight with as little rest as you can between each exercise


  • Arnold press
  • Dumbbell shoulder press
  • Lateral raises
  • Front raises


  • Shrugs
  • Delt flyes
  • Bend over delt lateral raises

Chest and Triceps

The way of training is the same for the chest and triceps routine, but this time we will follow the routine that Dwayne Johnson gave himself on his Instagram. You can even see the post by clicking right here.

Sets: 3

Reps: 15-20

Training method: Light to heavyweight with as little rest as you can between each exercise


  • Fly movement (dumbbell flyes or cable flyes)
  • Chest press
  • Incline press
  • Bodyweight dips (till failure)

Triceps (not given by Dwayne Johnson)

  • Triceps cable pushdowns
  • Triceps bench press
  • Dumbbell kickbacks
  • Triceps chain dips (till failure)


Dwayne also gave his Black Adam legs workout, which follows the same way of training as all these workouts. You can watch his legs workout on Instagram by clicking right here.

Sets: 3-4

Reps: 15-20

Training method: Light to heavyweight with as little rest as you can between each exercise


  • Leg extension/leg curls
  • Compound pressing movements
  • Chain lunges
  • Shark pit squats
  • Barbell squats