Jake Paul is a boxer, a YouTube sensation, and an actor and musician. Jake Paul became famous after making vine videos, and he has never looked back, gaining even more fame than his brother Logan Paul.

Another thing for which he is well-known these days is his incredible body physique, which he achieved after learning boxing. So, if you’re interested in learning about Jake Paul’s workout routine and diet plan, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered as usual.

Jake Paul: Diet Plan

Jake Paul eats a clean diet consisting of chicken, vegetables, salmon, fruits, protein shakes, almonds, eggs, and oats, among other things. Jake Paul used to eat a lot of junk food before he started boxing, but once he got into pro boxing, he realized he needed to change his diet and eat clean.

Jake Paul became as ripped and athletic as he is now after achieving that healthy diet. Jake Paul also drinks plenty of water and other healthy liquids to stay hydrated and maintain his physical fitness. Jake Paul’s daily calorie intake ranges from 2500 to 3000 calories. Jake Paul Diet Plan is the subject of this article.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Height 6 Ft 2 Inch
Weight 80 Kg
Age 23 Years
Chest 43 Inch
Waist 31 Inch
Biceps 14.5 Inch

Jake Paul: Workout Routine

Since high school, Jake Paul has been a fantastic athlete. Jake Paul was a wrestler who also worked out in the gym. He was always bulky and ripped, but after taking up boxing, his body composition has drastically changed in ways he never imagined. Jake Paul said that after boxing training, he felt in the best shape of his life and was in a better frame of mind.

Jake Paul claims to be a better boxer than his brother Logan Paul. Jake Paul stated that he has the strength, uses his mind, and has a wrestling background, making him a better fighter than his brother Logan Paul.

The Jake Paul workout routine entails a variety of activities such as boxing, weight training, cardio, and core exercises. Jake Paul used to go to the gym and do a little cardio to stay in shape before he started boxing.

Jake Paul’s exercise entails the following:-


Jake Paul’s cardio workout consists of sprints, long runs, medium-pace long runs, many rounds of sprinters, and doing versa climbers, among other things. It’s a combination of exercises that will give him the ideal stamina for his body type.

Jake Paul trained with former boxer Sugar Shane Mosley, who is responsible for all of Jake Paul’s routines. Jake Paul also jump ropes a lot; he can do almost any type of jump rope, from slow to fast. Jake Paul jump ropes for 15 to 20 minutes to warm up his body before doing other workouts.

Jake Paul: Weight Training

Jake Paul is very familiar with weight training, though the workout has changed slightly. Jake Paul used to do a standard bodybuilding routine before boxing, but now he prefers to do an athletic workout routine.

The workout focuses on an exercise such as the deep squat, dumbbell thrusters, bench press, and so on; each set is more about weight and explosive power. All of these exercises have been designed to aid Jake Paul in developing explosive power and strength for boxing.

Jake Paul: Core Workout

Crunches, leg raises, hanging leg raises, crunches with a medicine ball, ball throws, scissors kicks, and other exercises are included in the core workout routine. Jake Paul works out his core for 20 to 30 minutes almost every day.

If you want to be a boxer, you’ll need a strong core because you’ll be taking a lot of body punches while fighting. If your heart isn’t in good shape at the time, you’re going to get hurt.


Finally, he enjoys finishing his workout with a fantastic boxing session with his trainer. Sparring, working on footwork, learning new combos and moves, sparring on a speed bag, and other activities are all part of the boxing session. Jake Paul trains almost five days a week for his boxing routine and then takes two days off to recover.