Today, we’ll go over the JIM STOPPANI WORKOUT ROUTINE as well as the JIM STOPPANI DIET PLAN. Let me give you a brief introduction to this amazing bodybuilder and doctor if you are unfamiliar with him.

Jim Stoppani is the foremost expert on various exercises and the science that underpins them. He is also regarded as a top sports nutritionist and supplementation expert. Dr. Stoppani is the author of a number of books, including the “Encylopedia of Muscle and Strength.”

Jim Stoppani: Body Measurements, Height, Weight

Age: 51 years in 2019

Height:  6 feet 1 inch ( 1.85 m approx.)

Weight:  220 lbs (100 kg approx.)

Eye color:  Brown

Hair color: Bald

Net Worth:  Unknown

Body  type : Athletic /ripped/shredded body

Dietary Advice from Jim Stoppani

Eat a lot of protein – Jim believes that when it comes to muscle building, quantity is often the most important factor. Various studies, he claims, have confirmed that the simplest method for delivering the best muscle growth is through intense one-on-one training. Every day, consume 5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

Eat frequently

Despite the fact that several consultants claim that meal frequency isn’t very important, Jim disagrees. He believes that waiting too long between meals causes muscle breakdown and that eating every 2-3 hours is preferable.

Manipulate Carbohydrates

According to Jim, the body will generate all of the energy, aka glucose, from proteins and fats, so there’s no need to consume a lot of carbs – especially if fat loss is the goal. His advice to everyone appears to be to start with just one. 5-2.0 grams of carbs per pound of body weight, and see how your body reacts.

Calories to Consider

Despite the fact that Jim claims he is not a “huge martinet on calorie amounts,” he believes it is critical to know the approximate number of calories he consumes on a daily basis. This is especially important when he needs to gain muscle and needs to consume more calories than his body expends.

Use a whey protein supplement

Jim might be a firm believer in the superiority of high-quality whey protein. He claims that, in addition to having a complete amino-acid profile, it is made up of peptides, BCAAs, and provides better results than other types of protein.

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Jim Stoppani: Workout Routine

He and his company are on a mission to transform people’s lives through proper training and nutrition, as well as the best supplement programs and plans based on the most recent scientific research. Dwayne Johnson’s personal trainer is Jim Stoppani (aka the rock).


1st Day – Chest, Triceps & Abs

2nd Day – Delts, Legs & Calves

3rd Day – Back, Traps & Biceps

4th Day – Chest, Triceps & Abs

5th Day – Delts, Legs & Calves

6th Day – Back, Traps & Biceps

7th Day – Rest

Aside from this monster Workout, there are a few other things to keep in mind when training your body, and the first one is to ask yourself what kind of body you want. Do you want to increase your strength or your endurance?

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According to Jim, both quick and slow movements have a place in weight training. If someone wants to improve their strength, for example, slow and controlled movements are preferable.

On the other hand, if he needs to increase his power output or endurance, he’ll focus on fast-paced movements.

Jim’s Thoughts on Fat Loss, “Jim believes that all types of cardio are beneficial for fat loss, but his favorite is the fasted HIIT version, which leaves him exhausted in the morning. Jim is aware, however, that no one will have two separate coaching sessions. As a result, he recommends doing cardio as a physical activity.”

According to Jim, everyone has a different physique and requires different training, but here is a superman workout plan that can be used by people of all shapes and sizes. You should try this workout because it will be extremely beneficial whether your goal is to lose weight or gain strength.

Monday Jim Stopping Workout routine: CHEST/BACK/SHOULDERS/TRAPS/CALVES

Exercise                                           Sets  Reps  Rest

Barbell Bentover Row                       4  12-15  0 Min

Superset with- Bench press              4   12-15   1 Min

Lat Pulldown                                     4  12-15  0 Min

Superset Dumbbell should. Press     4   12-15   1 Min

Incline Dumbbell Fly                        2   12-15   0 Min

Superset with Incline Delt Raise       2   12-15   1 Min

Cable Crossover                               2   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Cable lateral raise     2   12-15   1 Min

Dumbbell Shrug                               4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with Dip Shrug                  4   12-15   1 Min

Standing Calf Raise                          4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Standing Toe Raise   4   12-15   1 Min

Wednesday Jim Stopping Workout routine: CHEST/BACK/SHOULDERS/TRAPS

Exercise                                                     Sets   Reps  Rest

Reverse-Grip Bench Press                            4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Reverse-Grip exercising        4  12-15   1 Min

weight Row

Dumbbell Lateral Raise                                 2   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Decline Dumbbell Flye         2   12-15   1 Min

Dumbbell Upright Row                                 2   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Dip                                        2   12-15   1 Min

Arnold Press                                                  4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Reverse-Grip Pulldown         4   12-15   0 Min

Behind-the-Back Smith Machine Shrug       4   12-15   0 Min

Seated Dumbbell Toe Raise                           4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- sitting Calf Raise                    4   12-15   1 Min

Thursday Jim Stopping Workout routine: LEGS/ABS, BICEPS/ skeletal muscle, FOREARMS

Exercise                                                  Sets   Reps     Rest

Barbell Rollout                                        4   To Failure   0 Min

Superset with- Deadlift                            4   12-15   1 Min

Roman Chair Crunch                              4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Back Extension               4   12-15   1 Min

Leg Curl                                                  4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Leg Extension                4   12-15   1 Min

Oblique Crunch                                      3   Failure  0 Min

Cable Lying Concentration Curl           4   12-15   0 Min

Incline Dumbbell Curl                          3   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Bench Dip                    3   12-15   1 Min

Tuesday Jim Stopping Workout routine: LEGS/ABS, BICEPS/ FOREARMS

Exercise                                              Sets  Reps  Rest

Squat                                                     4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Hanging Knee Raise      4   12-15   1 Min

Romanian Deadlift                                4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Crunch                         4   12-15   1 Min

Leg Extension                                      4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Leg Curl                     4  12-15   1 Min

Side Plank Reach-Through                 3  To Failure  0 Min

Triceps Pressdown                             4   12-15   0 Min

superset with exercising weight Curl 4  12-15   0 Min

Cable Overhead Extension                3   12-15   1 Min

Superset with- Cable Overhead Curl  3   12-15   0 Min

Barbell Reverse gliding joint Curl        3   12-15   1 Min

Superset exercise weight gliding joint  3   12-15   1 Min

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