Kehlani is a singer and songwriter who has written many hit songs such as “Good Life,” “Gangsta,” and others. I’m sure everyone is aware that she was pregnant a few years ago and that she gained weight following her pregnancy.

Although, if you look at Kehlani now, you won’t be able to tell she hasn’t changed her appearance. So, if you’re also curious about the Kehlani workout and diet, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered as usual.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Kehlani Height 5 Ft 4½ Inch
Kehlani Weight 51 Kg
Kehlani Age 25 Years
Breast 35 Inch
Waist 25 Inch
Hips 33 Inch

Kehlani: Diet Plan

Kehlani made a billboard video in 2017 in which she talked about how she was a vegetarian until she suddenly craved a steak. After seeing how bad her health was, Kehlani took her vegetarian resolution a step further and became a vegan, just like other celebrities such as Mikey Cyrus.

As a result, one of the reasons she consumes few calories while remaining fit is because of this. Kehlani’s fast metabolism burns through everything she eats in no time. Kehlani also drinks plenty of water and other healthy liquids to stay hydrated and healthy.

Kehlani: Body Measurements

  • Kehlani’s height is 5 feet 412 inches.
  • Kehlani’s weight is 51 kilograms.
  • Kehlani is 25 years old.
  • 35 Inch Bust
  • 25-Inch Waist
  • 33 Inch Hips

Kehlani: Exercise Routine

Kehlani is a very active person who is always on the show, but when it comes to working out, she isn’t very active. The reason for this is her high metabolism; in one of the interviews, Kehlani revealed that she was never a girl; even as a child, she was muscular and had an umbilical hernia.

Kehlani was self-conscious about the way she looked, which led to her getting so many tattoos. Kehlani may have started them because of it, but she is now in good shape and surrounded by a slew of girlfriends. Everything is going well for Kehlani, including her workout; she doesn’t work out much because she isn’t required to.

The following is a list of Kehlani’s workout routine:


Despite the fact that the performance is likely to be her only intense workout, Kehlani has a sizable fan base, which has led to her performing numerous live shows in various locations. So Kehlani will always be rehearsing and performing for the shows, which takes a lot of energy and burns a lot of calories. One of the reasons Kehlani is so thin is because of this.

Is she doing something else?

I mean, she probably can; we just don’t know it yet, and it’ll be revealed by Kehlani, the super hit singer. It’s possible that she doesn’t work out at all, or that she’s been doing some sort of at-home workout routine. Although it’s likely she isn’t exercising much because her metabolism rate and diet do all the work for her.