Michael Jordan Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Michael Jordan is the best player, or you could say the revolutionary player, who changed basketball forever. You may have seen Jordan on TV doing shows and other things; he’s a billionaire and unquestionably a brand. Seriously, he’s the best brand I’ve ever seen, and Air Jordans are the world’s most popular shoe. So, Jordan began his professional career as a basketball player. When he was given the Air Jordan moniker, he was a shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls.

Michael Jordan retired from basketball a long time ago, but he still has an incredible physique that is difficult to maintain. His abs are still visible, and he’s approaching 60 years old. So, let’s take a look at what Michael Jordan does to maintain his current physique. Let’s take a look at Michael Jordan’s body measurements, workout routine, and diet plan in more detail.

Michael Jordan: Workout Routine

Michael Jordan’s workout has always been a part of his life; however, when he first considered lifting weights, he was hesitant to do a gym workout. Maybe it will affect the game, his ability, and other things, he reasoned. So he started it as a 30-day experiment, but it’s now been more than 15 years, and Jordan has benefited greatly.

It’s now what he does when he’s not on the court watching and playing with the players, or when he’s not on a business trip or doing a show. Michale Jordan enjoys doing things like this.

Michael Jordan’s Workout consists of the following elements:


Michale Jordan enjoys working on his agility, and despite his retirement, he does not want to lose his stamina. If a player calls him out and says, “I’m a better player,” he still has the option to kick his butt. I’m not sure who the NBA player was, but during training, Michael Jordan manhandled him and won 11-5 in a one-on-one match. So, yes, he enjoys working on his agility for one hour.

Michale Jordan’s agility training consists of a circuit that includes an agility ladder, steps, back-and-forth running, dribbling, shooting, and ball handling. He repeats the circuit and does it for an hour, though he does take a short break at the end.

Michael Jordan: Weight Training

Bench press, dumbbell press, incline bench press, flat bench dumbbell flys, cross cable flys, and push-ups are among the exercises he performs on chest day. He performs three sets of 10 to 15 reps. He enjoys gaining weight as he progresses.

Michael Jordan: Shoulder Workout

He does military press, Arnold press, side lateral raises, front rows, shrugs, and delt flys on shoulder day. He does around three sets of 10 to 15 reps in this as well.

Michael Jordan is a basketball player who was born in Workout for the Back
Deadlifts, lat pulldowns, pull-ups, one-arm dumbbell rows, barbell rows 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps each time.

Workout for Michael Jordan’s Arms

Biceps and triceps both begin with dumbbell curls, barbell curls, pulley curls, and cross hammer curls on this day. He then moves on to the triceps, performing skull crushers, dips, tricep pushdowns, reverse tricep pushdowns, and dips. 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps each time.

Legs Workout by Michael Jordan

On leg day, Michale warms up with squats before moving on to weighted back squats, leg extensions, leg press, stiff leg deadlift, and calf raises. Three sets of 12 to 15 reps are recommended.

Core workout with Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan takes core training very seriously, and he trains his core twice a week. Crunches, leg raises, hanging leg raises, weighted crunches, v hold, plank, bicycle crunches, and other exercises are among his favorites. He also uses a medicine ball for core exercises and always stretches and trains with one before beginning a weight-training program.

Michael Jordan: Diet Plan

Michale Jordan’s diet plan has improved since his playing days, but he used to train for at least 5 hours per day back then, whereas now it’s a different story.

Michael Jordan’s diet consists of the following items:

Breakfast with Michael Jordan

Michale Jordan’s breakfast consists of oatmeal with blueberries, egg whites, juice, bread, and other items. He usually eats a substantial breakfast, not too much nor too little.

Lunch with Michael Jordan

He prefers vitamin-rich, protein-rich, carbohydrate-rich, and nutrient-dense foods for lunch. So he eats chicken, seafood, salads, whole grain pasta, and a good protein shake.


Michale Jordan eats whatever he wants, whether it’s pizza, donuts, chicken strips, or fried chicken. At night, he eats whatever he wants.

So there you have it, Michale Jordan’s diet plan and workout routine. Stick to it and you, too, can look like Michale Jordan.;

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