Robert Pattinson’s Workout and Diet Routine: Robert Pattinson is a British actor best known for his role in the film Twilight, for which he has become extremely well-known. He was well-known before he appeared in the Harry Potter films, but it was the twilight that catapulted him to stardom.

Robert Pattinson will appear in the film Batman in 2021, despite the fact that he is currently working on a much larger project. That’s why he began bulking up for the film, and if you’re interested in learning more about Robert Pattinson’s Batman workout and diet plan, keep reading.

Diet Plan of Robert Pattinson

Warner Bros. has prepared a meal plan for Robert Pattinson, which he must follow every day in order to maintain his physical fitness and health. Unfortunately, we don’t know what Robert Pattinson eats, but I’m guessing it’s mostly vegetables, salads, carbs, and high-fiber foods with healthy fats.

So I’m guessing Robert eats five meals a day, including salad, chicken, fish, steak, veggies, fruits, protein shakes, and so on, in order to bulk up. All of this will help him bulk up while staying in shape, but there isn’t enough proof to say he’s following this diet to the letter. He also consumes a lot of water throughout the day.

Robert Pattinson’s diet consists of the following items:

Breakfast Meal

  • Whole Eggs omelette
  • Coffee
  • Toast or oatmeal
  • Avocado


  • Fruits
  • Salad


  • Chicken or fish
  • Rice
  • Veggies
  • Salad


  • Salad
  • Protein smoothie

Dinner Meal

  • Steak
  • Salad
  • Veggies

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Height6 ft 1 inch
Weight75 kg
Age34 years
Chest43 inch
Waist31 inch
Biceps16 inch

Workout Routine of Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is known for working out frequently and doing a variety of exercises such as weight training. Since we first saw him in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he has always been in good shape.

Although some of you may be surprised to learn that we are currently quarantined in our homes. Robert Pattinson hasn’t lifted a single dumbbell or exercised for more than a minute.

On May 12, the actor told GQ magazine that he is currently not working out. This news was particularly shocking given that he is starring in such a significant role in his upcoming film, and filming is still ongoing.

Robert Pattinson also stated, “Warner Bros. provided me with a trainer and a bosu ball, but I didn’t use either of them during the quarantine period.”

Is it healthy for Robert Pattinson to not exercise?

I believe that as long as he eats properly, it will not harm his life or body in any way. Meal and diet, in my opinion, are more important than exercise; if you eat well, you can maintain your body shape and achieve your body goals. Now, let’s talk about whether it’s good or not.

I think it’s a good thing; he’ll be able to bulk up to his full potential. You won’t see Batman’s body in the bat suit because he’s supposed to be bulky, not ripped. All you’ll see is his size. So, in my opinion, this could be the reason for his good looks in the upcoming Batman film.

Why was the actor so adamant about not working out?

According to GQ magazine, Robert Pattinson claims that overworking out is the issue. People sometimes work out far too much, which becomes a problem in and of itself. People playing the role in the 1970s and 1980s, according to Robert Pattinson, were never ripped up. They simply kept their shape and retained their natural bulk.

I’ve been eating only the diet meals that Warner Bros. has sent me, but they’ve never asked me to work out every day or told me not to gain weight. So that’s what’s going on in Robert Pattinson’s life until the quarantine is lifted. Although I’m sure you’re all still interested in learning about Robert Pattinson’s Batman-inspired workout. Don’t worry, I’ll show you a single routine that will get you bulked up and ripped in no time.

The following is a list of Robert Pattinson’s workout routine:


Because the goal is to bulk you up, the amount of cardio we’ll do is limited, and it’ll mostly be part of your warm-up routine. As a result, the cardio workout will only last between 15 and 20 minutes. That is all there is to it. For that time, you’ll be doing a lot of intense intervals with sprints and jogging, and you’ll be fine.

Robert Pattinson: Weight Training

We’ll do a standard bodybuilding routine for weight training to get you bulked up, nothing too fancy. The goal here isn’t to get you ripped and bulked up like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but to get you into Batman shape. So, for this routine, you’ll work out for about five days, focusing on single body parts.

You’ll only lift heavyweights in each exercise, and we’ll focus on proper form and low reps with more rest time. According to studies, choosing heavyweights and performing low reps with more sets helps you gain more muscle mass than any other method, so we’ll just concentrate on that.

Day 1: Robert Pattinson Workout

Sets: 5

Reps: 6 to 10

Rest time: one minute

  • Bench press
  • Incline bench press
  • Dumbbell press
  • Dumbbell flyes
  • Hex press
  • Cable flyes

Day 2: Robert Pattinson Workout

Sets: 5

Reps: 6 to 10

Rest time: one minute

  • Pull-ups
  • Lat pulldown
  • Cable rows
  • One-arm dumbbell rows
  • Back lat push down
  • Pullover
  • Deadlift

Day 3: Robert Pattinson Workout

Sets: 5

Reps: 6 to 10

Rest time: one minute

  • Shoulder press
  • Military press
  • Side lateral raises
  • Front raises
  • Cable side lateral
  • Shrugs
  • Delt flyes

Day 4: Robert Pattinson Workout

Sets: 5

Reps: 6 to 10

Rest time: one minute

  • Bicep curls
  • Isolation curls
  • Barbell curls
  • Preacher curls
  • Tricep overhead press
  • Skull crusher
  • Tricep pushdowns
  • Dips

Day 5: Robert Pattinson Workout

Sets: 5

Reps: 6 to 10

Rest time: one minute

  • Squats
  • Hack squats
  • Leg press
  • Leg extension
  • Leg curls
  • Lunges
  • Calf raises

Core Workout

Sets: 4

Reps: 15 to 20

Rest time: 30 seconds

  • Crunches
  • Reverse crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Heel touches
  • Russian twist
  • Planks
  • Elbow to high plank
  • Side planks

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