Seulgi is a Korean singer and dancer who is best known for being a member of the Red Velvet and Red Velvet- Irene & Seulgi groups. Many people want to know what Seulgi does to keep herself healthy because she is also very well built in terms of physique. Let’s take a look at Seulgi’s workout and diet plan.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Height 5 ft 3 inch
Weight 47 kg
Age 26 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 34 inch

Diet Plan for Seulgi

Seulgi’s body type prevents her from gaining too much weight, so she eats a lot of healthy foods. She enjoys both eating and working out. As a result, her body is always in a state of equilibrium.

For Red Velvet, she and the other members were told they needed to lose weight, so they were put on a strict diet. It was around this time that she had lost a significant amount of weight. She was only allowed to drink soy milk during her weight-loss training in 2018. As a result, when she was hungry, she drank a lot of it.

She returned to her healthy eating and workout routine after Red Velvet. There’s a video of Seulgi eating, and it demonstrates how much she enjoys eating everything. Thankfully, her busy schedule and regular workout routine ensure that whatever she eats is burned off.

Seulgi: Workout Routine

Have you ever considered Seulgi’s perfect strength and body for juggling her busy schedule while staying in shape? Her workout routine, on the other hand, is what keeps her in great shape. She enjoys pilates and workouts, according to Channel Korea. She is very focused on toning her body and inner muscles, and this may be the reason for the young girl’s excellent organization!

She also enjoys dancing, which keeps her in shape and keeps her on her toes. Seulgi’s body is sculpted and toned, which is why she looks great in almost any outfit. Her only secret to maintaining her attractive body, which her fans adore, is to stay active.

Now it’s time to develop a workout routine that will help you achieve the same body shape as Seulgi. The workout will be similar to hers with a few exceptions, such as instead of dancing, we will do cardio and pilates.

The workout routine will consist of five days of training per week, with the remaining two days being active rest days where you can go hiking, trekking, playing sports, and so on.

Seulgi’s workout consists of the following:-


Every Kpop idol, as we all know, has to work out, which is why the cardio routine is so important in this routine. Now you have the option of dancing for an hour like a Kpop idol.

If you don’t feel comfortable dancing, you can simply go for a run. Try to run at least four to five miles; if you can’t, run as far as you can and cover the rest of the distance by brisk walking.

Yoga or Pilates

Although Seulgi has mentioned that she attends a lot of pilates classes, you can always switch it up with yoga, as both workouts target the same core muscles. They work together to make your inner and outer body healthier and leaner.

Both of them help you to be more flexible and tone your muscles. Just make sure you work out for an hour every day and train at least five days a week.