Edward Thomas Hardy, better known as Tom Hardy, is an English actor and producer who was born on September 15, 1977. Tom Hardy is his parents’ only child, and his career began in 1988 when he won a competition called “The Big Breakfast: Find Me a Supermodel” and received a film contract as a prize.

Hardy joined the Drama London center soon after, and he was cast in HBO’s Band of Brothers mini-series. Hardy made his Hollywood debut in the film Black Hawk Down in 2001, and he was also known as a rapper at the time, as he released his album, or more accurately, a mixtape of songs, Falling on Your Arse, in 1999.

Hardy has appeared in a number of films and has always served as an inspiration to many actors and people. Hardy has also won numerous awards for his outstanding performance in a variety of films. He’s also worked on a film with one of the most well-known superhero franchises of our time, DC.

In the film Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy played the main villain. He also played the lead role in the fan-favorite superhero Venom, which fans adore, and he has even become a fan-favorite from his single film superhero.

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Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Age 42 years
Height 5 feet  9 inches (175cm approx..)
Weight 157 lbs  ( 76 kg approx…)
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Blue
Sexual Orientation Straight
Chest size 45 inches
Waist Size 34 inches
Biceps size 16 inches
Net worth $30 million

Tom Hardy: Diet Plan

Tom Hardy’s diet consists of the following items:

  • Tom Hardy eats 5-6 lean protein and complex carbohydrate meals per day, such as grilled fish, vegetables, and oats. However, because he needs to gain weight for the role of Bane in Batman, he changed his diet. So he ate a lot of carbs, drank a lot of protein shakes, and took a lot of supplements.
  • In addition, he must be flexible in his diet in order to appear in various Hollywood films, such as his role in Warriors, which necessitates the elimination of many complex carbohydrates from his diet.

Tom Hardy: Workout Routine

Tom Hardy works out 3-5 times per week and is very dedicated to his training. He also changes or modifies his workout with the help of his trainer based on his role.

The following exercises are included in Tom Hardy’s workout:


  • Place your foot in the middle of your body.
  • Bend over and take a shoulder-width grip on the bar (it is necessary for heavyweight lifts )
  • Bend your knees until your shins are in contact with the bar.
  • Raise your chest to the sky while straightening your low back.
  • Take a deep breath and lift your weight to your feet.


  • With both dumbbells in your hands and your palms facing your torso, stand straight.
  • Now you must lift the dumbbell as high as possible while exhaling and contracting your body.
  • Return the dumbbell to its original position.
  • Rep for the recommended number of reps based on your body weight or the advice of your trainer.


  • Place your foot in the middle of your body.
  • Bend over and take a medium grip on the bar, palms facing your torso.
  • You must unlock your knees and maintain a high thigh position.\
  • Pull the bar against your lower chest at this point.

Overhead Press

  • With your hand next to your shoulders and bars on your shoulders, you should
  • You must now keep the bar balanced between your shoulder and foot.
  • Bring your shoulders back to the ceiling and hold this position.

 Squats with barbell 

  • You must stand with the bar (on your upper back) and keep your shoulders apart.
  • Simply push your knees to the sides to complete the squats.
  • At the top of the step, lock your knees.