“There was an instant attraction.”

In 2015, Sir Patrick Stewart said this regarding his relationship with Sunny Ozell, his now-wife. In 2008, the couple met in New York.

They met because she wanted to see Macbeth, a play in which he was starring. Despite the fact that the theater was already sold out, he got her in and even gave her his personal phone number.

Patrick Stewart and his wife were on opposite ends of the Hollywood celebrity spectrum

Ozell was awestruck the first time she saw Stewart. She was working as a waiter in a Brooklyn pizzeria at the time. He was in the restaurant with a few other people for dinner, and she was supposed to bring desserts to his table for free. So she strolled over to the table, offered the meal, and the two began to converse.

Stewart informed Ozell of this and just gave her his personal cell phone number. It was his hunch at work, and despite the overwhelming likelihood that she was one of the crazed Star Trek or X-Men enthusiasts, she was not.

In March 2022, he told People, “It was the only time in my life that I’ve given someone my telephone number.” He told her that he could obtain a ticket for her.

And he succeeded. Ozell even went backstage after the performance, which led to supper and eventually life together. She was an ambitious jazz vocalist who had just turned 30 and worked as a server.

Stewart, on the other hand, was a famous figure who was edging away from Hollywood glory with stage plays as he approached 70. They were, in a sense, on opposing sides of the life spectrum that Hollywood offers.

The bond established by Macbeth was maintained by their shared love of music. He admired her voice and even arranged meetings for her with some of her idols.

Their Relationship and How Their Families Handled It

Stewart and Ozell have more than just a love for one another; they also have a significant age difference. The spouse of the Star Trek actor is 39 years his junior. Stewart’s father is five years his junior, and she is a decade younger than his children from his previous marriage to Shiela Falconer. Even though none of this mattered to them, her father first disapproved of their relationship.

Her father was “not delighted” with the possibility of his daughter being with someone older than him, the pair admitted to the Daily Mail in 2015. They eventually reconciled their disagreements and became friends.

“Hey kid, it’s your father here,” he says when he calls. Stewart cracked a joke.

Ozell’s greatest apprehension was meeting Stewart’s children. “I didn’t want to push myself on them,” she admitted, “but they were really accepting.”

Despite this, they remained committed to each other and married in September 2013. Stewart announced his wedding on Twitter on September 8, 2013, with a photo of the couple having fun in a ball pit.
Sir Ian McKellen, Stewart’s close friend, wedded them. The wedding ceremony took place in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Despite the fact that they had been married for over a decade, Ozell kept Stewart on his toes in 2022. Stewart gushed to People, “I’ve never met anyone like her before.” “She is extremely intelligent and well-informed. Her academic achievements are also remarkable. She recalls every detail.”

He even planned to vacation somewhere quiet with his wife, but she thought he’d be able to tolerate the silence for about two weeks before needing to return to work.