Jacob Rascon is an American journalist who is best known as a reporter for Houston-based NBC affiliate KPRC-TV. He has been described as a frequent flyer, amateur photographer, guacamole addict, and triathlete.

He was previously a reporter for KFOX, a Dallas-based correspondent for NBC, and a reporter for KNBC in Los Angeles.

Growing up Jacob never had a stable home

Jacob Rascon was born in 1986, the son of Art and Patti Rascon. Jacob Rascon’s father is an Emmy Award-winning reporter for NBC’s Houston-based competitor ABC KTRK-TV. Art Rascon’s family had no fixed address because his job required him to travel across the country on a regular basis. El Paso, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Miami, and The Woodlands were all home to the Rascon family.

Jacob Rascon was inspired to become a journalist by a taxi driver

Jacob spent two years in Uruguay after graduating from high school. On his way home, he met a cab driver who introduced him to a hitherto unknown passion: journalism. He inquired of the taxi driver about what he would do if he could return to the United States and start anew. “I’d be a journalist,” the driver said.

As a result of his cab driver’s zeal, he became the journalist he is today. He pursued his schooling after returning from Uruguay at Bright Young University in Idaho and Provo.

Salary Information for Jacob Rascon Jacob began his journalism career as a reporter for the Fox station KFOX (Channel 14) in El Paso and the NBC-owned KNBC in Los Angeles. He covered practically all of the high-profile local issues during his time at KNBC, including the infamous LAX incident, the pursuit for ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, and the wildfires and earthquakes in Southern California.

When Jacob joined NBC News in 2014, he took his career to new heights. He was hired as a correspondent for NBC News. NBC Nightly News, Today, and NBCNews.com also aired his reports. He is expected to make an average income of $92,389 as an NBC KPRC employee. However, no official estimate of his net worth has been released.

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Jacob Rascon and his partner have a family of six children

While internet rumors about Jacob being gay are common, no one has been able to present any solid evidence to support these accusations. The reporter, on the other hand, is married to Ashley, his wife. In August of 2018, the pair celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary.

Jacob and his adoring wife have four gorgeous children: Olivia, Malachi, Elijah, and Elena, bringing the Rascon family to six members. Jacob is the youngest of seven children born to renowned journalist Art Rascon. Apart from Jacob, Matt Rascon is another of Art’s children who chose to pursue a career in journalism like his father. Matt has been with KSL 5 since April of this year.

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