Justin Ryan Simpson was born with the infamous O. J. Simpson, a former American football running back and broadcaster, as his father. While Justin spent the majority of his childhood in the shadow of his father’s notoriety, he did not allow his father’s notoriety to define his life.

Justin has been able to gain popularity on his own in recent years. Justin, 32, is a real estate investor, property manager, and well-known entrepreneur.

Justin Ryan’s Grandparents Raised Him Following His Mother’s Death

Justin Ryan Simpson was born in California to Orenthal James Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson on August 6, 1988. His father, a former NFL running back, made headlines in June 1994 when he was implicated in the death of his wife and her friend, Ron Goldman.

Justin’s father, O.J., had a history of domestic abuse against Nicole and was the prime suspect in her death.  Justin and his sister, Sydney Brooke Simpson, were forced to live with their maternal grandparents, Louis Hezekiel Brown and Juditha Anne Brown, during their father’s trial. At the time, Justin and his sister were six and nine years old, respectively.

Justin and his sister, on the other hand, would only spend a year with their maternal grandparents. On October 3, 1995, his father was acquitted of all murder charges, and he and his sister returned to live with him, much to the chagrin of their grandparents and the broader public.

Justin Ryan and his sister Sydney own and operate a successful real estate company

Simpson earned his bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in 2010. Following college, he immersed himself in the real estate industry, beginning his career as a Real Estate Sales Professional at Muffley & Associates Real Estate in March 2013.

He began working for Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate as a Real Estate Salesperson in November 2015. He has been working as a real estate salesperson for DHM Real Estate Group in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida area since June 2018.

In June 2018, he launched his own real estate company, Boulder Property Management, after achieving success in the real estate market and sector. He did, however, step down as a founder in January 2019.

With his sister, he co-founded the Florida real estate company Simpsy Properties, LLC.

In 2017, Justin and his sister found themselves in hot water

Justin and his sister Sydney Simpson made headlines in 2017 when they purchased 13 houses in St. Petersburg, Florida for $500,000. The story made headlines, not because of the spending spree itself, but because they allegedly used their father’s money to purchase the residences.

Following the disclosure of the property purchases, the Browns (Justin’s maternal grandparents) alleged that the money O.J. handed to his children constituted a “fraudulent conveyance” – a word used to describe a money transfer to escape debt. The Browns are claiming the funds because O.J. reportedly owes them $33.5 million in damages from a wrongful death lawsuit they filed against him.

O.J. was once again favored by the circumstances, and the case was decided in his favor. O.J. was allowed to do whatever he wanted with the money as long as it wasn’t combined with other cash, according to the Miami asset lawyer in charge of the investigations.

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What Has Happened To Justin Ryan? | A Look At His Business And Net Worth

Justin was able to acquire four reported homes for roughly $350,000 during his time with Simpsy Properties, LLC. His most recent home sales, which total well over $1 million, are listed on the DHM Real Estate Group website.

While his net worth hasn’t been officially revealed, Celebrity Net Worth reports that his sister has a net worth of $10,000 and his father, O.J. Simpson, has a net worth of $3 million, all of which are subject to verification.

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