Monique Exposito, a Miami cocktail server, rose to fame overnight after meeting former American football running back Reginald Alfred Bush Jr or Reggie Bush, who was married to Lilit Avagyan.

When word of her pregnant with Reggie Bush’s child made the rounds in the media, she became a talking point. She was chastised for allegedly having an affair with a married man while already legally married to Alexandre Bastin.

Monique Exposito: Bio, Age

Nobody could have predicted that Monique, a plain cocktail waitress, would become famous overnight. Monique, on the other hand, has never aspired to become famous.
Monique tried unsuccessfully to participate in the reality show Ultimate Miami Girl in 2013, but was unable to do so. Her endeavor to get involved in the reality program suggests that she want to be a celebrity in some way. Monique, on the other hand, earned notoriety in the way she would have wished; she was pregnant Reggie’s child.’

Monique was just 34 years old when the news of her pregnancy made the rounds in the media (2016). As of 2019, she could be approximately 36 years old. Aside from that, her other personal information and whereabouts remain a mystery, as she is not on any social media platforms.


Monique’s Husband & Divorce Information

Monique had a love relationship with Reggie until she became pregnant with one of his children. Reggie wanted to stay out of trouble in the future, so he promised Monique $3 million in exchange for her quiet and abortion. She, on the other hand, broke her pledge and decided to keep the child.

Both Exposito and Bush’s families were shaken by the pregnancy news. Reggie was taken aback because he had paid a large lot of money to avoid exactly this circumstance.

People were amazed and perplexed as to how his wife Lilit Avagyan remained by his side smiling throughout the trauma. Lilit’s pregnancy was thought to be the reason for her marriage’s survival. Monique wanted Bastin to support her and take care of her child in her married life. Bastin, on the other hand, was not prepared to bear any responsibility for an unborn child.

Alexandre, a French restaurateur, later filed for divorce in January 2017, claiming that his marriage was irreparably destroyed. As a result, Monique and Bastin had to split their assets and debts in Miami-Dade Family Court in order to relieve Bastin from alimony obligations.

Monique gave birth to Preston Alexander Exposito on February 5, 2017 at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. Despite the fact that the baby Preston was the consequence of an alleged relationship between Monique and Reggie, Lilit stood firm and refused to let the alleged child get in the way of her relationship with Reggie.

Monique was previously said to be entitled to future child support from Reggie. He, on the other hand, refused to accept any responsibility for his unborn biological child. He was also not obligated to provide for his biological son under Florida law. Because Monique’s legal marriage to Bastin was still intact, Bastin became the legal father of the unborn child.


By Meera