Miranda Kerr’s Workout Routine and Diet: Miranda May Kerr is an Australian model who has had a lot of success. In 2007, she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel, bringing her a lot of attention and fame.

She is the first Australian model to be named an Angel by Victoria’s Secret. Kerr also has her own beauty line, KORA organics. She has modeled for a well-known Victoria’s Secret angel, and as a result, you can all see that she has a stunningly fit body.

I’m sure most of you aspire to have a confident persona and body like hers. Here’s everything you’ll need to get in shape like Miranda. To learn everything about Miranda Kerr’s workout routine and diet, read the entire article.

Miranda Kerr’s Diet Plan

Miranda prefers a low-carb, low-fat diet. She stays away from processed foods. Fruits and vegetables provide her with carbohydrates. Caffeine is something she avoids. She gets her energy from the food she consumes. She enjoys food that fills her up while also keeping her healthy.

Miranda Kerr’s Diet Plan Contains the Following Ingredients:


When Miranda May Kerr wakes up in the morning, she drinks lukewarm water with lemon. She also takes vitamin C to stay energized throughout the day. To add extra protein, she starts with a cup of almond milk and adds fresh papaya, spinach, raspberry, and almond butter. To keep her skin glowing and healthy, she also uses KORA organics skinfood powder.

When she feels like a treat, she makes mini pancakes. Two bananas, two eggs, and half a cup of oatmeal are used to make pancakes. She drizzles coconut nectar and raspberries over the entire dish.


Miranda May Kerr enjoys a salad with lean chicken breasts and a variety of fresh vegetables. She uses garlic, lemon, ginger, and turmeric to cook the salmon filet until it’s flaky. Chopped arugula, seasonal sprouts, cucumber, and half an avocado are served as a side salad.


Slow roast chicken is her go-to dinner recipe. She uses onion, garlic, rosemary, turmeric, and lemon, which she uses in everything she cooks. In the evenings, she eats mashed sweet potatoes with salad. Red cabbage, spinach, parsley, cilantro, diced cucumber, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, and other ingredients are used in this salad.

If you’re wondering what Miranda eats for snacks, you should know that she doesn’t believe in snacking. She eats three times a day and is completely satisfied.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

HEIGHT 5’9 feet
WEIGHT 54 kilograms
AGE 37 years
BREAST 34 inches
WAIST 26 inches
HIPS 33 inches

Workout Routine of Miranda Kerr

Miranda is very committed to staying in shape. YOGA, PILATES, CARDIO, AND ROUTINE EXERCISES are all part of her workout routine. All of these exercises combined help her stay physically and mentally fit.

Miranda Kerr’s Workout consists of the following:

Workout for Miranda Kerr’s Abs

Miranda’s abs are flawless, and she works hard to keep them that way. She does the following exercises on a weekly basis to keep her abs in shape.

  1. Standard crunches: 30 seconds.
  2. Heel touches:20 seconds
  3. Leg circles:30 seconds
  4. Superman:30 seconds
  5. Plank: 40 seconds
  6. Side plank: 30 seconds
  7. Scissors: 30 seconds.

Miranda Kerr’s butt workout

Miranda understands the significance of her runway walks as a successful model. On the runway, she knows her butt would get a lot of attention. She works out hard to keep her butt firm. Use these exercises as a guide.

  1. Bridges with resistance band: 1 minute
  2. Fire hydrants: 30 seconds.
  3. Split squats: 30 seconds
  4. Romanian deadlifts: 30 seconds
  5. Lunges: 30 seconds.
  6. Pile squats: 1 minute


Miranda isn’t a big fan of cardio exercises. She keeps her cardio to a bare minimum. She goes for a walk every day. When she needs to unwind, she goes for a run. Despite not being a fan of cardio, she manages to fit in a daily walk. Those of you who do not enjoy exercise can take a daily walk instead.


Miranda incorporates yoga into all of her workouts, whether they are cardio or weight lifting. Yoga, she believes, is the most effective way to stay centered and grounded. Yoga not only keeps the body healthy, but it also keeps the mind healthy. It is strongly advised that all readers include a brief meditation or yoga session in their morning routine.

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