Mitski’s songs prove what Victor Hugo, a French author, once said: “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which must remain mute.”

The indie-pop singer depicts repressed feelings, uncertainty, and reflection in her songs, and she never holds back in expressing her emotions. Mitski’s real approach to expressing her emotions makes it easier for everyone to identify with her lyrics, especially her LGBTQ followers.

However, the same method has drawn attention to the sexuality of the Japanese-American singer-songwriter.

Mitski In the case of gay sexuality, compared to Frank Ocean

Mitski’s music is well-received by the LGBTQ community. Perhaps this is why she has been accused of being gay. Mostly because she appears to have been through all of life’s trials and tribulations.

On Twitter, one of her followers compared her sexuality to that of Frank Ocean, an openly homosexual American singer. Mitski was a closeted lesbian, while Ocean was an out gay male, she hinted.
Frank ocean gays and mitski lesbians are the same people with different fonts — (@librafication) typhobic 28th of December, 2020

In addition, another Twitterati admitted to being a secret queer, indicating that Mitski and singer Phoebe Bridgers were as well. “I’m Mitski and Phoebe homosexual,” she wrote. Despite the discussion about her sexuality, the singer has made no comments or responded to the questions. Instead, she has remained tight-lipped and has left the debates to her fans.

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Feelings of Gay Fans are Echoed

While there have been doubts about her sexuality, Mitski’s supporters have provided answers as to why the rumors of her being gay linger.

When a fan inquired why Mitski was labeled a woman-loving woman (WLW) on Reddit, another fan replied that it was because of the strength of her song’s application. The user ‘Qiolee’ then went on to add that the majority of her songs’ lyrics shared a common theme of suppressed feelings and hidden romances. He went on to say that her expressing such feelings could be seen as her sexuality expressing itself.

Furthermore, the commenter speculated that such thoughts could explain why her music is so popular among LGBTQ+ people. Another Reddit user had similar sentiments on the subject. The user ‘Verngyu’ stated that the sentiments expressed by the artist in her songs are representative of the majority of LGBTQ+ people’s lives.

He also said that Mistski tracks like Shame and Yearning wonderfully echo with LGBT people’s concerns. He went on to say that the conditions individuals face while surviving in society are shame and yearning.

Many of Mitski’s songs are applicable to lgbt+ individuals since they deal with shame (literally, the song shame), yearning (pink in the night), and especially yearning when you’re not “allowed” to yearn for someone (once more to see you, also come into the water). (And, by the way, I believe Thursday Girl is about mandatory heterosexuality.)

Mitski’s songs, in a nutshell, struck a chord with the LGBTQ+ community around the world. And, regardless of her sexual orientation, it is the strength of her songs’ application to everyone’s life that has made her a contemporary homosexual icon.

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By Meera