Larry Fitzgerald’s on-field theatrics as a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals have enthralled fans for a long time. However, the famous athlete’s personal life has been equally fascinating, particularly the revelations surrounding his love life.

Angela Nazario, a former Raiderette cheerleader, was once involved in a contentious relationship with the NFL player. The partnership didn’t work out, leading to domestic violence and a paternity lawsuit. His more recent relationship with Melissa Blakesley, with whom he has a child, is likewise a little hazy, and their current status is unknown.

Domestic Violence Was Charged Against Fitzerald

The athlete has had a lot of issues with his ex-girlfriend Nazario, who is also the mother of his first baby. When the cheerleader filed a parental suit against Fitzgerald, asking for child support, the news of them having a child together made headlines.

Even during the pregnancy and after the birth of their child, Devin, they were not together. When the footballer was accused of domestic violence, the couple made headlines once more. In 2008, the pair declared it quits.

TMZ even published a story accusing the Phoenix-based athlete of physically abusing his child’s mother. The incident was put under the rug, according to the Washington Post, and Fitzgerald has gone on to add other triumphs to his sports resume since then.

While the lawsuit’s ramifications are unknown, the footballer wants to be a good father to his kid, Devin.

The NFL icon spoke with FanNation about raising his 12-year-old son in an open and honest manner.

He’s intrigued. I take a straightforward approach and never try to sugarcoat or minimize anything. I simply tell him what I see and how I view it, then let him digest it in his own time. I believe that the better equipped he is at a young age to perceive things as they are, but also to grasp that things can and must be different, the better he will be in his dialogues with his peers.

In addition, following George Floyd’s tragic murder, the proud father said that he and his son, Devine, attended a Black Lives Matter demonstration and participated in a protest against police violence.

‘Dad, I really want to go to the demonstration,’ he said when we came home (to Minneapolis). That struck me deeply, so we proceeded to downtown Minneapolis and took part. I was incredibly proud of him and his opinions.

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He has a child with his girlfriend as well

The renowned NFL athlete began dating Melissa Blakesley not long after his terrible separation. Their romance started in 2010, according to reports. Melissa frequently shared images of the two with touching messages, so things appeared to be going well between them.

Apollo Fitzgerald, the couple’s son, was born on April 23, 2013. But don’t be fooled; despite having parents, they weren’t and now aren’t husband and wife.

Aside from Apollo, the lovely Blakesley has another son from a previous relationship, Darion Dylan Blakesley. Perhaps this is why, counting Darion, Fitzgerald refers to himself as the father of three on his official website. However, this is all conjecture on our part.

Blakesley is the love of his life. Since 2010, Rocky Fitzerald and Blakesley have known each other. However, their on-again, off-again relationship has sparked speculation.

Valentine’s Day screenshots from Blakesley’s Instagram story appeared on February 14, 2020, when she specifically branded lover Fitzerald poisonous.
In response, the footballer wrote to his partner, and it is evident from those conversations that he was attempting to reclaim his girlfriend. In those texts, the NFL star also expressed his desire to marry her.

Also, since February 2019, Blakesley hasn’t published a photo of them together. We can’t make any inferences about the split because neither party has verified anything.
Fitzgerald is a philanthropist.

Aside from his amorous pursuits and his professional career, the well-known wide receiver has another side. The star player describes himself as an entrepreneur and humanitarian on his official website, citing his involvement in charitable work and mentorship programs.

The Arizona Cardinals player has been particularly active in charitable activities since his mother died of breast cancer. To commemorate his mother’s death, he established the Larry Fitzgerald Foundation.

The Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund, established by the 37-year-old, provides awards to K-12 students to boost reading and technology literacy. Breast cancer research and assistance are the focus of his other charitable endeavors.

The NFL player also enjoys coaching young footballers. For the past seven years, he has directed the Larry Fitzgerald youth football pro-camp. On his Instagram account, the player frequently publishes photos from his pro camp.

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