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Workout Routine and Diet Plan of Olivia Rodrigo: Olivia Rodrigo is a singer and actress who has acted in films like High School Musical The Series, Disney Bizaardvark, and others.

She is noted for her toned and thin form, which inspires many young ladies to work on and maintain their health.

So, if you want to appear like Olivia and want to know her training and eating program, keep reading.

Workout Routine of Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo is a famous actress who crafts tik-to on a daily basis to pass the time while in quarantine. In her training program, the actress, on the other hand, does not do much to stay in shape.

Olivia recently spoke with Teen Vogue about a number of issues, including her daily routine, in a May interview.

Olivia emphasized a few things in the interview, including how she enjoys making the most of her day and isn’t anxious at all.

She revealed in the interview that she undertakes two kinds of workouts to improve her body shape: running and abdominal workouts. Running burns calories, and abs burn a lot of core and belly fat, so both of these sports can help you lose weight.

Olivia Rodrigo’s workouts include the following:



Olivia told Teen Vogue that she enjoys running outside in the evenings and that she usually runs around 6 p.m. Olivia also remarked that while she is not a runner, she believes it is still worthwhile to participate.

Running is a terrific complete bodyweight loss activity since it engages your entire body while burning a considerable quantity of calories from within. As a result, every day you should run 3 to 5 miles.

Abs Workout by Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia did tell Teen Vogue that she enjoys jogging and abs training, but she didn’t go into detail about the activities she does.

But don’t worry; I’ll show you how to execute a wonderful abs workout that will leave you with a flat tummy and a toned body.

We’ll conduct a circuit routine in this workout; if you’re unfamiliar with what a circuit routine is, it’s a workout in which you do exercises nonstop without stopping and can only rest after completing the entire set.

Crunches x 50

  • Cross crunches x 30
  • Leg raises x 20
  • Russian twist x 20
  • V-ups x 20
  • Plank twister x 20
  • Plank hold x 40 seconds

Olivia Rodrigo is Vegan | Meal Plan

Olivia Rodrigo consumes a lot of vegetables and greens. She is a vegetarian who does not consume any meat or non-vegetarian products. Olivia Rodrigo does not eat a plant-based diet.

There are light breakfast, lunch, and dinner options on the menu. Olivia’s diet plan isn’t exciting because she is just 17 years old and eats whatever she wants the most of the time.

Olivia talked about her diet plans on Teen Vogue, including breakfast, when she can be seen having a bowl of cereal with juice.

Lunch and dinner must include salad, fruit, and other nutritious items. Olivia, last but not least, consumes a lot of water during the day.

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