When senior pastor Robert Jeffress was a student at Richardson’s West Junior High School, a teacher asked him to befriend five non-Christian kids, pray for them, and invite each one to Christ.

Young Jeffress accepted the challenge, and throughout the course of the school year, all five of his non-Christian companions professed faith in Jesus Christ. Amy Lyon Renard, a female who was in his math class with him, was one of the five.

He had persuaded her to become a Christian by the time they were in ninth school. Later, he took her to a church evangelistic event, where she converted. Renard claims she had a premonition she was destined to marry him when she was just 12 years old. The two eventually married eleven years later.

The couple married on July 30, 1977, just out of college. The ceremony was personally performed by Dr. W.A. Criswell, the pastor for whom Jeffress had served as an acolyte.

Robert Jeffress and his wife’s favorite song is “Strangers In The Night.”

While many people are familiar with Jeffress for his sermons, lectures, writings, and $135 million renovations of the baptist megachurch First Baptist Dallas, there is another side to him that few are aware of.

Jeffress used to make money playing accordion in polka bands when he was in college. He also has the ability to play the piano. Strangers in the Night was his and his wife’s song, he said in an interview with Dallas News.

Jeffress and his wife have appeared on ‘Let’s Make A Deal,’ a game show

Robert enjoys game shows in addition to music. When he needed a new car in the 1980s and only had $1000 in his bank account, he decided to compete for the cash prize rather than buy an old car or take out a loan.

Card Sharks was the game show with the most cash awards on a daily basis. He went to Los Angeles to be a part of the event. He won over $4000 and became a four-day champion there!

When he and his wife were in their twenties, they appeared on Let’s Make a Deal, where Renard dressed as a convict in a striped suit and the preacher as a six-foot banana.

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The Marriage of Robert Jeffress and Amy Lyon Renard is Extending a period of four decades

Renard and Jeffress have been married for 43 years. Julia and Dorothy are the daughters of the head pastor of First Baptist Dallas and his wife.

Julia serves as the director of next-generation ministries at First Baptist Dallas, where she creates material for teenagers, college students, singles, and young mothers. She is also a published author, having written Pray Big Things, a Christian literature book that was released on September 2, 2019.

Dorothy, on the other hand, is an actress who made her cinematic debut in the horror short Last Call in 2018. She also starred in PooPourri’s Pumpkin Chai Campaign and portrayed Tinkerbell in Wendy’s Journey to Neverland, an interactive production by Ice Creative Entertainment.

Linda McAlister Talent represents her, and she is due to star in Zane Tabari’s A Fall from Grace (2021).

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