Kortni Morton, PJ Morton’s wife, rose to prominence as a result of her marriage to the multi-talented R&B musician and singer. She is, however, much more than a celebrity wife. As a successful model and entrepreneur, she has built quite a name for herself.

While she and her musician husband have achieved professional success, their personal lives are as lovely as a fairy tale.

Kortni Morton, PJ Morton’s wife, is an entrepreneur

Kortni is a skilled stylist and model. She also wears the hat of a ‘businesswoman,’ as she founded the KOMO KOLLECTION apparel line. Her apparel company was created to empower women to accept their originality and completely love themselves, according to her website’s bio.

She also wanted women to feel empowered in their pursuit of their true identities while “looking attractive.” On her Instagram account, the mother-of-three usually posts gorgeous photographs wearing fashionable products from her apparel brand.

Wife and PJ Morton’s Relationship

Since December 2008, my childhood best friends have been married and have three children. The keyboardist for Maroon 5 met his future wife when she was still a youngster. While worshipping at Greater St. Stephen Church, the two first spotted one other.

Because PJ’s parents started the church and Kortni’s mother worked there, the two essentially grew up together in the church. Who’d have guessed that the pals would form such a strong friendship in the future? Not even the business owner.

Kortni revealed in an interview with Nola magazine that she had never considered marrying PJ. “He was completely unnoticed by me,” she claimed. Kortni and her family were devastated by Hurricane Katrina and relocated to Atlanta.

It wasn’t all bad for her, though, because her transfer to Atlanta sparked a romance between her and PJ.

“I recognized that she had matured into a lovely woman, and I regarded her in a different light,” PJ explained.


PJ and Kortni married during the holidays

The childhood sweethearts took the next important step in their romance by having a gorgeous Christmas wedding on December 25, 2008, after dating for a few years. In 2019, PJ Morton and his wife Kortni Morton.

They eventually added three children to their household. Jakai and Paul are the names of their two sons, while Peyton Xani is the name of their youngest daughter. On December 27, 2012, the couple welcomed their first child. PJ posted a photo to Instagram on her 9th birthday to commemorate the occasion.

“It’s twin nem birthday today!!” he wrote beside a carousel of his daughter’s photos.

While he hasn’t made many posts about his sons, they have appeared in music videos by the multi-Grammy winner.


By Meera